Are Gums Dangerous?  


Chewing gum cannot do harm but if we swallow it or throw it in other places beside the trash can, it is possible that it can do harm not only to our body but to other properties around us. This is the reason why Singapore discourages gums. If we are caught spitting gums here in Singapore, we can be fined, jailed or worse, both.


There are people who think that gums are dangerous especially if swallowed. According to Dr. Ronald Kirschner, a toxicologist of Nebraska Regional Poison Centre, occasionally swallowing gums is not serious or dangerous. Gums will just pass through our digestive tract like other foods do. It will be out of our system – eventually.

However, there is a possibility that swallowing large quantities of gums can block our intestines and can cause intestinal problems. More than that, gums have more benefits than presenting danger. Gums can aid dental health.

We are not convinced but experts say that gums can indeed aid dental health. There are certain gums recommended by dental associations (we only need to look for the official seal of approval). Gums can effectively decrease plaque acids, lessen cavities and remineralize our tooth enamel.


Apart from that, gums can also boost our thinking abilities. There was a study done by researchers at St. Lawrence University in 2011. The research found that people who chewed gums five minutes before series of cognitive tests revealed an improved memory and retention skills compared to other participants who did not chew gums.

To conclude, gums are not dangerous if we keep it where it belongs – in our mouths (and trashcan of course after using it).


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