Drinking Alkaline Water: Its Effects to your Health

To function properly, our bodies need to keep hydrated at all times. Without proper hydration, a person becomes weak and vulnerable to various illnesses. Most people think that drinking tap water is alright, but many medical experts strongly disagree. Water can be unsafe, depending on its source and how it was processed or kept. Even bottled water is not guaranteed to be 100% safe and healthy for our bodies. To be safe, it is recommended to drink Alkaline water, which is considered one of the healthiest and safest waters available today.

Alkaline water has higher pH level
Due to the fact that alkaline water has higher level of pH or ‘potential hydrogen’ than plain water, Singapore doctors and medical practitioners say that the effects of this kind of water to your health is best in neutralizing the acidity in your bloodstream. Alkaline water has 5 main features. First, one of the benefits of alkaline water is that its molecules easily penetrate the cells in our bodies making the absorption of nutrients fast. In fact, alkaline water hydrates better than normal water. Second, it energizes the body and consequently, we feel energized. Third, alkaline water is rich in antioxidants that decelerate aging. Fourth, it flushes out toxins from the body. And lastly, alkaline water helps restore the pH level of our bodies.

Alkaline water reduces acidity
Each time we eat foods in Singapore which are less healthy such as processed foods, fats and oils, too sweet or salty foods, our bodies experience a change in pH level. Ideally, the body should have a pH level between 7.35 to 7.45 to be considered healthy as one of the benefits of alkaline water. But if we have unhealthy lifestyle and we eat less nutritious foods, our bodies tend to be acidic and that’s a harmful condition. We should have a balanced acid-alkaline measurement in our bodies, and drinking alkaline water helps us in attaining that balance that we need. Typically, the body must be more alkaline than acidic. Too much acidity in the body is potentially damaging to your health. This may eventually lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, cancer, chronic stress, gastric and liver problems, among few. Thus the benefits of alkaline water are many.

Alkaline Water: Health Claims
There are many health benefits for drinking alkaline water, and they range from minor to major medical cases. Scientific studies in Singapore report that this type of water has abilities to alleviate constipation, diarrhea and skin allergies among people. Doctors and other Singapore health experts also said that many patients have already testified that alkaline diet or alkaline water therapy can be an additional treatment for more serious problems such as cancer, diabetes, gout, vascular heart diseases and kidney problems as well as one of the benefits of alkaline water.

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