Get to Know the Best Varieties of Air Plants for Your Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening is a great way for you to practice your green thumb, but when you don’t have as much time as you would like, the best option that you can turn to is the air plant, or the genus Tillandsia, which belongs to the bromeliad family.

Here are the best varieties of genus Tillandsia that you can get that will quickly and easily spruce up your home or office in Singapore:

1. Tillandsia ionantha

Arguably one of the most popular air plants, T. ionantha not only boasts silvery leaves that deepen into shades of red and pink the longer they grow, but also an extreme amount of resilience and hardiness.

In its natural element, T. ionantha usually grows on trees, which is why you can find them displayed lounging on pieces of driftwood indoors.

2. Tillandsia maxima

This variety is worth a look if you’re looking for an air plant that makes a great impact. Unlike most varieties, T. maxima is capable of withstanding a little more sunlight and bearing multiple flowers at once.

You can usually tell if this plant is about to bloom when you see the leaves turn coral-red, and the purple flowers are gorgeous to add as living room decor.

3. Tillandsia cyanea

Versatility allows this particular plant species to grow both in soil and as is, as long as it’s given plenty of moisture. But what makes T. cyanea special is the stalk of pink bracts that fan out like a feather, which is why it’s often called the “Pink Quill” plant.

4. Tillandsia aeranthos bergeri

Give your indoor garden a little more spice with the spiky pink and blue flowers of the T. aeranthos bergeri, a very low-maintenance variety that grows well under the bright fluorescent lights of the standard office setting.

When you do find this plant in bloom, be sure to give it more moisture by rinsing it under running water instead of submerging it.

5. Tillandsia loliacea

This variety is a sure-fire charmer if you fancy yourself some miniature air plants instead of the other regular-sized varieties. T. loliacea never grows bigger than an inch and a half long, but its tiny flowers can stalk up to two to three times its height.

T. loliacea is also suitable for growing on both driftwood and inside a terrarium because of its size, but more so the latter since it can soak up any excess moisture that way.

Choosing air plants means choosing a plant that’s not just low-maintenance, but also a great way for you to practice developing your green thumb. And because Singapore is humid all year round, you can expect them to bloom for just a little bit of care.

Get started with them today!

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