How Singapore Uses Traditional Media to Maintain Order


If we try to compare the model of press and electronic media in Singapore with that seen in western countries, we find that that there is too much control and censorship from the government as far as content of programs and published articles in newspapers are concerned. This is ostensibly done to preserve the traditional fabric of the society which the government feels is conservative and not yet ready to absorb the unfettered freedom that has been given to press and media in the west. This policy of censorship, coming from a country that has been ranked as number one globalized country is a bit perplexing.

But if one were to analyze the situation from the perspective of the government of Singapore, it seems that the control and censorship in place is right for the people and the step by step approach is likely to bring more freedom as far as exchange of information is concerned. Radio, TV, and print media continue to operate under government control with all 7 local TV channels and all 14 radio stations being run by government controlled company called Media Corp. Newspapers also remain under the control of the government through Singapore Press Holdings, a government controlled company.

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