How to Build Your Brand

Writing is a business if you are seeking for profit. If you write a book, you are hoping that many people will like it and purchase it. That is understandable knowing that writing a book is not easy. Of course, you should be compensated but how can you attract people to buy your book? There are already many authors struggling in the market. Apart from that, you need to overcome famous authors so your book will be recognized.


You see, being an author and marketing the book are two different things. It is not enough that you finished the book because you have to think of how to market it. If you are a famous name, you will not have problems selling your books. If you are just starting, it is important that you know how to reach people and build your fans. Here are some ideas you can consider when it comes to building your brand:


  • Direct access: You have to provide direct access so your fans will know whatever they want to know about you. You can establish and maintain your fans interests by joining Facebook, blogs, Twitter and many more.
  • Giveaways: After providing direct access to your fans, the next thing that you should do is provide giveaways. One of the oldest and most effective ways capture attention is to give away limited number of your books. Free promotions will bring you new fans which are looking for free books and encountered your books instead.
  • Flash sales: When you hear flash sales, it refers to discounts. If you want your fans to get hooked, you can provide discounts. For example, you can discount the first book in your series. You can even think about giving discounts for people who will buy your collection. You should not underestimate flash sales. It can be very powerful if you manoeuvre it right.
  • When all else fails, look for an agent

These are just things that you can consider. If you write not to profit from it but to share it with people, you should still establish your name so your fans will follow you. How can that be? You can for instance give access by providing a free eBook copy. You will be known and everything else will follow.

There is a future for you here in Singapore if you are a writer. Always remember that. Singaporeans love to read books and you only need to write something that tickles them. Good luck on your book and continue sharing good stories to people.



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