First Aid Treatment for First Degree Burns


You want your kid to be safe but sometimes there are things that can hurt him/her. The most common household injury here in Singapore is burns. Burns does not only refer to the burning sensation but also severe skin damage. The good news is that most victims recover from it without serious health complications but of course this depends on the degree or cause of the injury.

You have to know that there are 3 types of burns – first, second and third degree. Each degree depends on its severity. First degree is the most minor while the third degree is the most serious or severe. First degree burns are characterized by nonblistered but red skin. Second degree burns on the other hand is characterized by thickening of the skin with blisters. Lastly, the third degree burn is characterized by extensive thickness.

For kids, the most common cause of burn is scalding from boiling liquids and flames from lighters, candles and matches. In case of first degree burn, it is important that you know what to do. But before anything else, you have to know its signs. Signs include redness, swelling or inflammation and pain. It affects the top layer so the signs will disappear after the shedding of skin cells usually from 7 to 10 days.

Treatment of the first degree burn includes:

  • Soaking: It is imperative that you soak the wound right away in cool water. It should be five minutes but preferably longer.


  • Take medications: If you have pain relief at home, you have to give it. This is to ease the discomfort of the kid while you attend to his/her burns.

  • Apply anaesthetic: You have to settle the kid before apply anaesthetic to the burn. You can consider lidocaine and partner it with aloe vera gel. This is to relax the skin.


  • Use ointment: If you have an antibiotic ointment, make sure to apply it unto the skin plus put loose gauze as it can shield the affected area.

It is crucial that you keep a first aid kit for burns. You do not want to be unprepared for your little one. Be careful not to use cotton balls because the fibres will stick to the burn thereby increasing the risk of developing infection.

If you notice that the burn affects more than three inches of your body, you have to seek the doctor right away. Be wary if it affects major joins like knee, ankle, spine, foot, shoulder, forearm and elbow.

Nat Geo Traveller’s Cool List for 2017: British Edition


Wonder where you will go this 2017? The world outside Singapore is a vast place. Pointing out where to go next may be challenging but it is surely worth it at the end of the day. You can start with the 2017 National Geographic Travel US edition for the must-visit destinations. National Geographic suggests Banff (Canada), Cloud Forests (Ecuador), Seoul (South Korea) and Moscow (Russia).

Just recently, National Geographic Traveller British edition released its must-visit destinations for 2017. The top pick is Donegal. Donegal is a town in Ireland. It became famous because it was the setting of the upcoming movie “Star Wars: Episode VII”. The next is Santiago (Chile), Helsinki (Finland), Greenland and Peru. Apart from these places, what else?

  • Aarhus: Aarhus is a city in Denmark. It is actually the second largest city in Denmark and home to many tourist attractions. Tourists are enticed because of the city’s broad shopping facilities. The city boasts of different infrastructure like Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical and many more.


  • Canada: Canada is the fourth largest country in terms of land area and it borders with United States. Unlike its neighbouring country, Canada is sporadically populated and most of its territory is dominated by tundra, forest and Rocky Mountains. Capital of Canada is Ottawa but the largest city is Toronto. Famous spots include Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park and Canadian Rockies.

  • Portland: Portland is the largest city of Oregon. Many people are considering this city because of different activities like tax free tours and shopping not to mention parks, sports and nightlife. Different attractions include Oregon Museum  of Science, Washington Park, Oregon Zoo, Portland Japanese Garden, Pittock Mansion, Lan Su Chinese Garden and many more.


  • India: India is actually the seventh largest country in terms of area and the second most populous. India has a rich culture and tradition that started from the Indus Civilization. There are many spots that you can visit starting with the Taj Mahal, Ganges, Amer Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Harmandir Sahib, Qutb Minar, City Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Brihadeeswarar Temple and many more.


  • South Africa: South Africa is all about diversity and sharing of cuisines, traditions and languages. Top destinations include Kruger National Park, Table Mountain, Robben Island, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Apartheir Museum, Tsitsikamma National Park, Blyde River Canyon, Table Mountain National Park, Lion’s Head, Cape of Good Hope and many more.


The nearest place from Singapore is India so if you do not have enough money to travel to Canada, South Africa or United States, it is a good place to start.

Your Next Travel Destination Based on Pantone’s Color Of The Year


It is the year of the Rooster. The Rooster is 10th in the famous Chinese zodiac. Lucky colors are said to be gold, brown and yellow. However, color experts see that the trend for 2017 is neither gold nor yellow. According to Pantone Color Institute, the color for 2017 will be greenery. Greenery is symbolic as it means new beginnings or fresh start. It is a revitalizing and refreshing shade.

Green is also an emblem of personal pursuit for vitality and passion. With this in mind, you have to visit places where it is abundant. There are many travel destinations outside Singapore where greenery is abundant. Here is the list:

  • Charleston: Charleston is in South Carolina, United States. It is actually named as the Best City in the World. If greenery is what you seek, you have to see the Spanish moss on the southern part of the state.


  • New Zealand: New Zealand is famous for its rolling green hills. It is time that you actually see it for yourself. Visit the Westland Tai Poutini National Park.


  • Iceland: When you hear Iceland, the first thing that comes to your mind is iceberg and the cold but you have to give the place chance to prove itself. Iceland has in fact many landscapes and yes, greenery lies. However you have to check which time of the year is best to witness their lush.


  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica is famous for its diversity. It offers natural charm and beauty that offers tons of activities for nature lovers as well as adventure lovers.

  • Portland: Portland is a city in the state of Oregon. If you visit United States, Portland should never be missed because of its remarkable waterfall surrounded by shades of green. The Silver Falls State Park is just less than two hour drive from the city proper.


  • Palau: Micronesia is becoming famous because of its diversity. Come to Nikko Bay and then be amazed with greens together with some blues.


  • Mongolia: Mongolia is nearer than other places mentioned here. In Mongolia, you will be treated with the vastness of grasslands. Make sure to visit during summer as the land is full of lush.


  • Bali: Bali is famous for its pristine beaches but it does not stop there. Bali is in fact home to The Sacred Monkey Forest. It is a nature reserve plus a Hindu temple complex. Many people visit the forest for pilgrimage and worship.


  • Peru: Peru is undoubtedly filled with lush greenery. You can visit the Machu Picchu plus the Man National Park.

Criteria to Look For In Wedding Live Bands

Wedding live music brings out the best of wedding celebrations. They can pull everybody into the dance floor or drive everybody away because of awfulness of the played tracks. The song lyrics and sound effects can make or break the celebration. It has the power to give your guests nostalgic memories and send them home with big smile on their faces.

Whatever type of event you have, good music can greatly contribute to the success of it. Hiring a wedding live band in your wedding reception can add classiness and sophistication to your celebration. As they sing your favourite songs, they set the mood for your wedding celebration. However, when looking for the perfect wedding live band Singapore, pay attention to these criteria before booking them.

1. Demo CD. Ask the prospect band for a demo CD so you can watch them play and assess their choice of music and performance level. It is advisable to look for raw, unedited demo CD to get an exact view of how the band sounds like, how they interact with the audience and how do they perform. Some demo CDs from bands are already sound and scene edited to give you a good first impression.

2. Photos. Look for proof of live performances or photographs from various occasions. Some great wedding live band from Singapore post their photos on their website. But it is still advisable to ask for real photos just to be sure that they did not grab it from anywhere on the internet.

3. Experience and Background. Ask about the band’s background in playing their kind of music genre and if they can play other kinds of music genre. Also find out how long they have been playing together as a group. Find out if they have high calibre members who are experts in performing in different formal and casual occasions.

4. Customer Reviews and Testimonials. Look for customer reviews and real testimonials about their previous performances. Ask the band if they can give you a list of names and contact numbers of their previous clients who you can call for references. You can also do online research or visit their webpage and see clients’ testimonials about your chosen band’s live performances. This is one of the effective ways in checking the band’s performance and credibility.

5. Equipment. Find out whether your chosen Singapore wedding live band uses high-end professional PA, microphones, instruments and amplifiers. These are all essential in producing top quality music for your wedding celebration.

6. Price. Do not cut corners if you want to have the best wedding live music in your wedding reception. Live bands have different prices depending on the number of musicians, number of performing hours, experience and expertise.

Wedding live band Singapore booking agencies can help you with all your live band needs. These agencies have lists of bands in different genres where you can choose according to your criteria. They have classical, modern, jazz and instrumental band to cater to different musical tastes of the clients. Their enlisted bands are well-skilled and highly professional in performing in any kind of formal and private occasions.

Patiently Handling Fussy Eaters


They say that when you have a child that eats almost anything on the table without complaining, you are lucky. That is true because not all children here in Singapore are versatile. Some children are fussy eaters and parents are oftentimes stressed because of this. Have you heard about fussy eating? It is time that you know it.

There is a difference between picky eaters and fussy eaters. Picky eaters are very choosy about what they eat. In fact, they are often called “food neophobia” which refers to an individual’s unwillingness to eat sew foods to the point of rejecting it. As a result, children just eat limited range of foods. Fussy eaters describe those you reject foods one day then like it the next time.

Fussy eating is normal for kids but it doesn’t mean you have to let it be. Here are some ways on handling fussy eaters:

  • Make mealtimes different: For fussy eaters, mealtimes are boring and ordinary. If they can hide away from it, they would have. As a parent, the best thing that you can do is to make their mealtimes happy. That sounds easy but in fact it is not. Whenever you serve new dishes, praise your children for giving it a chance.

  • Be realistic: You just want what is best for you children but sometimes you have to set realistic goals so it is easier to handle. In this case, do not demand that your children eat the vegetables or new food. If they considered it, do not forget to praise them for tasting it.


  • Ignore it most of the time: Kids will fuss about their food to see if you can yield. You have to stand firm on your ground so you will not be shaken. If you see that your children are fussing about the food, do not mind them.


  • Make it fun and creative: Sometimes kids just look at the food and they think it is boring and not tasty hence the fussing. If you make it fun and creative for them, they will surely look forward to every meal time. For example, cut vegetables into fascinating shapes. You can also ask your kids to help during preparation.

When eating, as much a possible no distractions should be present like TV, smartphone, tabs and the like. As a parent, it would be wise not to tolerate your kids’ fussiness over food because it can often arise to difficult things. Let it slide once or twice but never all the time.

Reintroducing a Set Bedtime Routine


You are not a child anymore so the bedtime routine do not apply to you now. It is not like your parents will scold or punish you because you are not following the set bedtime routine ever since you were small. You are old enough to know the importance of sleep and how lack of it can affect your productivity and relationships. Many Singaporeans however fail to recognize the importance of setting a bedtime routine.

You just know that sleep is essential as it can improve physical, mental and emotional well-being. Setting bedtime routine is truly beneficial however the challenge here is consistency. It is crucial that you have same snooze rituals so your body will stick to it. Consistency will no longer be the problem.

Remember that the lack of routine will cause fatigue and lethargy as the body is still confused and at times it can result to weight gain. In the case of people who oversleep, they have the tendency to exercise less and follow poor dietary patterns. To help re-introduce a set bedtime routine, here are some tips that you can consider:

  • Set an alarm: The body has a biological clock (also called circadian rhythm) but it can be distorted if you abuse it. It is high time that you consider a nocturnal deadline. For example, if you want to sleep at 10pm, you should set your alarm at 9:30pm so it will remind your body to get ready.

  • Maintain bedtime rituals: Others take a bath while some read a book. Whatever activity that can help you doze off is good. It is important that you establish a regular bedtime ritual so it will become a habit. It is crucial that you prepare the mind and body for rest. Actually, you will have a restorative sleep if you allow the body to relax before actually sleeping.


  • Avoid blue lights: As much as possible, do not touch your smart phone when you are about to sleep. The blue light emitted from the device will stimulate dopamine which in return disrupts the biological clock. If you can, turn off everything after leaving the office but if it cannot be help, check emails or the social media ninety minutes before you go to bed.

Remember that if you are consistent and used to it, you will not need any alarm to wake you up every morning. Your body will serve as your clock and it can never go wrong. Sleep should be prioritized and you have to implement a set bedtime routine for the family.

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