Why You Should Seek the Services of a Laundry Shop

Doing laundry has been a common household chore for many years now. These days though, many of us miss out on the chance to do our own laundry because we can get pretty busy with work. Luckily for us, we can always find a laundry service anywhere in Singapore.

Taking your laundry for spa or dry cleaning should be a good enough deal when you find yourself short in time or if you really just find it convenient. An added bonus of this is you can also get laundry delivery services so that you won’t have to go to the laundering establishment again, basically saving you more time and effort.

The laundry business
Washing businesses and laundry shops thrive because of what they are able to bring in for the needs of people. You don’t have time to wash and fold your clothes? Go to a laundry shop! You forget to wash your uniform for tomorrow? Take it to a 24 hour laundry place! Because there are times that we become too busy with other things and overlook washing our clothes, Singapore laundry services can be very convenient to get clothes washed quickly.

There are also commercial laundry services which offer a wide array of services from wash and fold, to ironing, to same day dry cleaning. These can be particularly beneficial to those who are in a hurry to get their clothes washed and ironed. Commercial laundry, of course, caters to restaurants, companies, and institutions for uniform laundry. And as mentioned earlier, many laundry businesses also offer laundry delivery.

Laundry cleaning and dry cleaning
Whether you want to wash towel, t-shirt, or suit, it should still be a good idea to go for a washing service. If you consider it, you might still end up with clean towels and shirts anyway. Some laundry places also offer to iron clothes after the washing and drying process. Then, there can be two types of cleaning you can opt for, laundry clean and dry clean

Laundry cleaning employs the use of water and detergent, hence can be very effective with removing dirt and stains. It is also much cheaper and can give a clean and fresh look to your clothes, especially ones made of cotton. Washed clothes will also fairly smell better compared to dry cleaned ones.

Dry cleaning, on the other hand, can also be great with removing dirt and stains as well. The difference though, is that this laundry service uses chemical solvents which can help to avoid shrinkage and the loosening of the fabric. The price at your recommended clothes drying shop in Singapore is also a bit more expensive because of these chemicals that are being used in the process.
One downside of it, however, is that a person could be allergic to the chemical used in the process that it may bring negative effects to the skin. Still, express laundry will usually utilize either of the two though.

The best laundry shops can offer great help when it comes to washing, drying, and ironing garments and even others pieces of cloth like bedsheets, towels, pillowcases and more. A laundry service is there for a reason, so don’t hesitate to go if you need to.

Biometric Door Access and CCTV: What You Need to Know About the Future of Integrated Home Security

Biometric door access systems are a sophisticated type of door access control system that you should get for your office if you’re worried about your office security.

Instead of using a standard card access door system or a traditional pin access door system to unlock the door, it uses specific biometric data unique to each individual. This data includes thumbprints and facial recognition patterns.

Because the person always carries that data around, it can’t be copied or stolen, as is the case with a thumbprint biometric as opposed to an ID.

Biometric door access system and security camera systems in Singapore (either a standard office camera or an IP camera system) let you effectively track access entry and monitor access to office activities in different ways, but the best way to get the most security is by combining both biometric technology into one system.

Types of Biometric Recognition Patterns
Here are a few types of recognition patterns that can be used for biometric door access:

• Facial biometrics – Facial recognition software is the cornerstone of any facial biometric system, which you can also integrate to your CCTV camera systems to get the most out of both types of security systems.

• Biometric thumbprint – You can encode and record a thumbprint biometric into set of data points, but these can be delicate and rejected by the machine at times.

• Intercom – Having an office door intercom setup (usually a SIP intercom system) can be useful to your Singapore workplace as it lets employees communicate in case the door access doesn’t work.

Here are the other features of a biometric system commonly used by establishments here in Singapore:

• Systems Integration – You can connect a biometric access system with your standard CCTV camera system over a central database or network. This can be made of IP CCTV security cameras, but an analog camera system can also be used for this purpose.

• Database Entry – In integrating biometric authentication, biometric data points can be recorded, saved, and transferred from system to system. One key feature is having a time attendance software for your Singapore office, which is known to calculate staff time entries in an automated manner.

Along with the system of your choice, you can integrate wireless camera system to a thumbprint or facial biometric access system to have all these features at once, as well as an intercom solution as a back-up in case they fail.

On Central Network Integration
All these systems can work together for added overall security. A complete office security system would have a working intercom system, top-of-the-line IP camera (usually IP CCTV – an analog camera system is rarely used today), and a biometric authentication system.

If you have an IP camera system, you will be able to view your database and your security camera footage in real time from anywhere, which is much better than simply using an analog system.
From these systems, the data is then sent to a central computer database where an administrator can view and verify them.

When building your database, it’s important that you keep your door access control system updated. From your regular employees, especially for facial recognition patterns and other types of biometrics.

Finding the Right Infant Formula for Your Baby

Breastfeeding is just not possible for some mothers, that is why baby formula is the next best thing to consider. For rookie mothers, however, the choices in markets in Singapore can be overwhelming, especially with promises of better nutrition, higher IQs and better learning development, and other health benefits.

How do formulas differ and what are the things to consider when choosing a formula?

The Three Forms
All baby formulas can be classified into three forms; ready-to-use, liquid concentrate, and powdered formula.

1. Ready-to-Use means there is no need to mix or measure the formula, but they must be consumed within 48 hours once opened and they are also more expensive than other formula.

2. Liquid Concentrate needs to have equal parts water and formula when mixing, but it’s cheap and takes up less space when stored.

3. Powdered Formula needs mixing too and has a 1-month shelf-life, but it’s cheap and is easy to store and transport.

Formula Variety
Once you’ve decided on the form of the baby formula, you should consider the content next. Most baby formula, like most milk, come from cow’s milk, but some babies are sensitive to this type of formula.

1. Cow’s Milk. There are different affordable varieties of cow’s milk sold in markets that are tummy-friendly to babies because they are easier to digest, such as hydrolysate, which has proteins that were broken down for babies who are lactose-intolerant or have allergies.

2. Soy Milk. Instead of cow’s milk, some moms prefer milk made from soy protein for babies with lactose intolerance, allergies, or have strictly vegetarian diet. However, you also have to remember that some babies who are sensitive to cow’s milk also tend to be sensitive to soy as well.

3. Organic Formula. There is some confusion to the label, but organic formula is usually free from traces of growth hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics found in some regular formula. Unfortunately, they’re more expensive than regular brands and have no significant advantages.

Some parents also add rice starch to baby formula, but this is only recommended for babies who can already digest solid food.

Other Factors to Consider
Most doctors will advise you not to go cheap when it comes to baby’s nutrition. Generic formula is easy to prepare and are affordable, but brand names should always be your top choice because companies that specialize in baby formula are tried and tested by several doctors and by experienced mothers.

There is a debate about a baby’s ability to digest lactose, because some researchers claim that lactose intolerance at that age is rare, while others say that there are cases where a baby is unable to digest lactose. If your baby has problems with the current formula, talk to your doctor about a lactose-free formula.

Lastly, the baby’s age should also be considered, because a formula for a newborn is different for babies who are 6 months or older.

Stylish Alternatives to Leather

Leather is not for everyone, not because some people don’t look stylish with it, but because processing of the raw materials from animal hide or skin contributes to animal cruelty and pollution. While not everyone will agree with such reasons, the chemicals involved in processing leather should not be set aside, that is why alternatives to leather have been promoted in recent years so people can have more choices without compromising style.

Here are some eco-friendly, cruelty-free materials to consider.

Cork. It is considered natural because of the sustainable cork oak forest industry that is tied up with preservation and the protection of endangered animals. What’s great about it, is that it’s waterproof and recyclable. Famous designer brands have been using this material, so it’s not like it’s cheap either.

Paper. Yes, some designers have been using paper to create bags, and are valued not just for their durability but also for their finish. If you’re not sure about the durability part, consider this: paper has been used in constructing buildings such as the Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral.

Waxed Cotton. Organic waxed cotton is used for a variety of clothing and bags, because they’re waterproof, washable, and pliable, unlike authentic leather.

Recycled Rubber. The texture of rubber, which mimics the look and feel of leather, makes it ideal for creating bags. The materials are taken from used rubber products, like tyres, a bonus that you will never get when purchasing authentic leather.

Tree Bark Leather. This is made from sustainable timber (which means the trees are grown again), that are prized for their natural grain, durability, flexibility, and eco-friendly processing. Not only is it used to create bags, but trousers and coats as well, because the material can be made as thin as leather.

Coolstone Leather. You’ll love the texture of this material made from slate stone, especially when it ages. The color and finish make it almost indistinguishable from authentic leather, but the texture feels like paper and stone.

Pinatex. As the name suggests, the materials come from pineapple bush, and look like authentic leather. It’s known for its durability and watertight properties, plus you’ll also be helping pineapple farmers indirectly when you purchase one.

MuSkin. This beautiful alternative to leather is made from mushrooms and are biodegradable. The only problem is that it must be waterproofed, but it’s also versatile so that you can change the shape and size of the material to create a design.

Faux Leather. This alternative to leather is commonly used in upholstery and is made either from polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PU is more flexible, softer, and has breathable qualities, while PVC is used for its moisture-resistant properties. Both are durable, low maintenance, and are cheaper than leather.

7 tips for a hyped adult sleepover

If you’re in your 20s or even just barely past it, those sleepovers might be well out of the picture. Those stuff are for teens and in-betweens right? You’re way past those awkward, pucker-faced nights and pajamas just don’t work for you anymore.

But sometimes the heart wants what it wants. That teen in you screams for another round of those nights when you spend with the platonic love of your friends. Because as you pass that line between adult and teen, platonic is as rare as your before 5am waking time.

So here are a few tips to make your adult sleepovers one of the best in your history of sleepovers:

1. Prepare DIY desserts
What better way to start your stay-in night with a good dessert? All the experimenting and shuffling in the kitchen for ingredients you hope you have will surely make you reminisce all those earlier days with your friends. Nothing like a task to keep you busy, and actually have a reward of sweet sugary goodness right after. You’ll need a good kitchen with the right equipment for the baking, as well as a good stock of ingredients and a whole lot of patience. Since recipes are readily available online, resources aren’t an issue. So start choosing between brownies, crepe or waffles and get your mini cooking show started.

2. Drink up
If you and your mates are of age then there’s no stopping you from enjoying a night in with just the right amount of booze. Take your pick and a quick trip to the store will give you a good night of booze, friends and stories.

3. Dance parties
Since you’ve already had a drink or two, you might want to turn up the volume and just lose yourself in a good song. You may want to choose the era and hype up those moves. Nothing like a good dance with your mates to shake off the week’s stress at work. If you have the facilities for this, the better. An xbox session with your friends could surely bring in a flood of nostalgia from when you just did this on the streets or in the hallways after school.

4. Mini spa session
There’s just something appealing with a little pampering time with your girls. Whether it’s a complex procedure like a footspa or just as simple as a moisturizing mask, you and your girls could surely use a little freshening up despite the late hour. Matching mani pedis could also do well for your incoming week.

5. Build a fort
Who says pillow and blanket forts should stay in our past? Our children might thank us for our skills in the near future. Keep the atmosphere cozy with a fort that’s sure to keep you warm throughout the night. If and when you actually decide to sleep.

6. Movies
This is a must in any sleepover. Keep those movies well-stacked and well-arranged because your friends might need a specific genre any night. Sleepovers are meant for binge watching, so make sure those tissues and snacks are well stocked too. From chic flicks to drama to action to horror, there’s nothing a relaxing night in front of a movie can’t fix.

7. Games
There’s something vulnerable as the night drones on, and what better way to catch up with all the goings-on with you and your friends’ lives than to play a game for it. Hang on, this is the part where it gets real. Your sleepover might just be the glue to keep you and your mates for another decade or so together.

6 ways to manage stress

Regardless of the field of profession you are in, you can’t get away from stress. It’s ever-present and the sooner you accept it as an inevitable, the more resilient you are whenever it strikes.

So take a break from all those rants about to burst from their seams. Here are a few ways to help you finally tame those stresses that just can’t seem to stop:

1. Exercise
Not many people are aware of this, but exercise is an effective stress buster. It actually makes you happy as you sweat those stresses out. When you exert effort and actually sweat, your brain produces neurotransmitters called Serotonin which stimulates a happy mood. It helps keep your mood in neutralizing levels, making your stress tolerable and at bay. So make sure to keep your exercise routine active and well within your regular schedule so you stay psychologically healthy as well.

2. Sleep more and sleep well
Not only is the number of hours you sleep important, but even the quality it has. Doesn’t mean you slept 8 hours is a good indicator in itself. Whether those 8 hours were uninterrupted and well-slept sets the distinction altogether. So make sure to get good quality hours of sleep and you’ll find your stressors manageable and conquerable. Your brain sees perspective of things way better when it has a good night’s sleep.

3. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and sugars
There are some type of food you should refrain from, no matter how strong the urge is to stress eat. You might want to hold off on one more cup of coffee or a few more cigarettes than your usual. Both contain substances that are stimulants by nature and could worsen the stress you feel. Alcohol is also tricky when you’re stressed. Contrary to what most people do, alcohol is actually a depressant when taken in large amounts. Refined sugars are also a no-no when you’re stressed. These are mostly found in manufactured and savory food such as salad dressings and bread. They cause energy crashes which cause you to feel irritable and tired.

4. Write it down
Most of our stresses just need a good outlet with which we can find our long-wanted release. So to take the burden out of other people, we might want to write them down instead. Find a nuke free from disturbances and you can release your stress one word at a time.

5. Talk to someone you trust
You may or may not seek professional help when you feel you’re about to drown from all the stress. But more importantly, talk to someone you trust, be it a professional or not. Sometimes we just need to vent out the pressure and just someone to be there for us.

6. Let go
If you find yourself saying yes to tasks you barely have time for, then hold up that nod and think twice. You only have one body, and time isn’t always on your side. So let go of some burdens you unnecessarily take upon yourself. Manage your time well, and if some things just don’t make the cut then let them go. If people stress you out, the same principle applies as long as you don’t put your life at stake by doing so. Endure the discomfort of the temporary change, and in the long run you’ll find yourself much more relaxed than before.

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