7 tips for a hyped adult sleepover

If you’re in your 20s or even just barely past it, those sleepovers might be well out of the picture. Those stuff are for teens and in-betweens right? You’re way past those awkward, pucker-faced nights and pajamas just don’t work for you anymore.

But sometimes the heart wants what it wants. That teen in you screams for another round of those nights when you spend with the platonic love of your friends. Because as you pass that line between adult and teen, platonic is as rare as your before 5am waking time.

So here are a few tips to make your adult sleepovers one of the best in your history of sleepovers:

1. Prepare DIY desserts
What better way to start your stay-in night with a good dessert? All the experimenting and shuffling in the kitchen for ingredients you hope you have will surely make you reminisce all those earlier days with your friends. Nothing like a task to keep you busy, and actually have a reward of sweet sugary goodness right after. You’ll need a good kitchen with the right equipment for the baking, as well as a good stock of ingredients and a whole lot of patience. Since recipes are readily available online, resources aren’t an issue. So start choosing between brownies, crepe or waffles and get your mini cooking show started.

2. Drink up
If you and your mates are of age then there’s no stopping you from enjoying a night in with just the right amount of booze. Take your pick and a quick trip to the store will give you a good night of booze, friends and stories.

3. Dance parties
Since you’ve already had a drink or two, you might want to turn up the volume and just lose yourself in a good song. You may want to choose the era and hype up those moves. Nothing like a good dance with your mates to shake off the week’s stress at work. If you have the facilities for this, the better. An xbox session with your friends could surely bring in a flood of nostalgia from when you just did this on the streets or in the hallways after school.

4. Mini spa session
There’s just something appealing with a little pampering time with your girls. Whether it’s a complex procedure like a footspa or just as simple as a moisturizing mask, you and your girls could surely use a little freshening up despite the late hour. Matching mani pedis could also do well for your incoming week.

5. Build a fort
Who says pillow and blanket forts should stay in our past? Our children might thank us for our skills in the near future. Keep the atmosphere cozy with a fort that’s sure to keep you warm throughout the night. If and when you actually decide to sleep.

6. Movies
This is a must in any sleepover. Keep those movies well-stacked and well-arranged because your friends might need a specific genre any night. Sleepovers are meant for binge watching, so make sure those tissues and snacks are well stocked too. From chic flicks to drama to action to horror, there’s nothing a relaxing night in front of a movie can’t fix.

7. Games
There’s something vulnerable as the night drones on, and what better way to catch up with all the goings-on with you and your friends’ lives than to play a game for it. Hang on, this is the part where it gets real. Your sleepover might just be the glue to keep you and your mates for another decade or so together.

6 ways to manage stress

Regardless of the field of profession you are in, you can’t get away from stress. It’s ever-present and the sooner you accept it as an inevitable, the more resilient you are whenever it strikes.

So take a break from all those rants about to burst from their seams. Here are a few ways to help you finally tame those stresses that just can’t seem to stop:

1. Exercise
Not many people are aware of this, but exercise is an effective stress buster. It actually makes you happy as you sweat those stresses out. When you exert effort and actually sweat, your brain produces neurotransmitters called Serotonin which stimulates a happy mood. It helps keep your mood in neutralizing levels, making your stress tolerable and at bay. So make sure to keep your exercise routine active and well within your regular schedule so you stay psychologically healthy as well.

2. Sleep more and sleep well
Not only is the number of hours you sleep important, but even the quality it has. Doesn’t mean you slept 8 hours is a good indicator in itself. Whether those 8 hours were uninterrupted and well-slept sets the distinction altogether. So make sure to get good quality hours of sleep and you’ll find your stressors manageable and conquerable. Your brain sees perspective of things way better when it has a good night’s sleep.

3. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and sugars
There are some type of food you should refrain from, no matter how strong the urge is to stress eat. You might want to hold off on one more cup of coffee or a few more cigarettes than your usual. Both contain substances that are stimulants by nature and could worsen the stress you feel. Alcohol is also tricky when you’re stressed. Contrary to what most people do, alcohol is actually a depressant when taken in large amounts. Refined sugars are also a no-no when you’re stressed. These are mostly found in manufactured and savory food such as salad dressings and bread. They cause energy crashes which cause you to feel irritable and tired.

4. Write it down
Most of our stresses just need a good outlet with which we can find our long-wanted release. So to take the burden out of other people, we might want to write them down instead. Find a nuke free from disturbances and you can release your stress one word at a time.

5. Talk to someone you trust
You may or may not seek professional help when you feel you’re about to drown from all the stress. But more importantly, talk to someone you trust, be it a professional or not. Sometimes we just need to vent out the pressure and just someone to be there for us.

6. Let go
If you find yourself saying yes to tasks you barely have time for, then hold up that nod and think twice. You only have one body, and time isn’t always on your side. So let go of some burdens you unnecessarily take upon yourself. Manage your time well, and if some things just don’t make the cut then let them go. If people stress you out, the same principle applies as long as you don’t put your life at stake by doing so. Endure the discomfort of the temporary change, and in the long run you’ll find yourself much more relaxed than before.

What Does a Locksmith Do?

Ever wondered what a locksmith does to unlock the door to your apartment, duplicate a key, or fix broken locks? Here is a brief overview of the processes and techniques included in locksmith services.

• Bypassing or Picking. If you need to unlock the door to your apartment without damaging the locks, you can call a locksmith to either bypass or pick locks using warded keys and alteration of the mechanism, respectively. Warded keys are similar to skeleton keys which are bypassed in the lock mechanism. While combination locks can be bypassed by recording resistance points. Later, the locksmith will be able to repair a lock with less damage. Picking alters the locking mechanism completely but there is a higher chance that the locks will be destroyed. This is done through the use of a pick and torque wrench.

• Key Cutting. The primary locksmith service you will find in any locksmith shop is the cutting of keys for virtually any type of mechanical lock. A key maker can cut keys through the following methods: machine cutting, hand-cutting, and creation of restricted and security keys. Additionally, they can also be relied upon to make locks for windows and doors and to change broken door lock in Singapore that has been damaged through forced entry. They can also perform home key cutting and even do lock installation for UPVC windows and doors commonly found in small apartment units. If, however, the locks have been damaged by a burglar, the locksmith will usually recommend a new set of locks to avoid further tampering.

• Safe Installation. A trusted locksmith services company in Singapore can also install and fit any type of security safe for your home or office. To make sure you get quality work, look for a professional locksmith who specialized in safes and vaults of any size and type. The same locksmith should be able to help with the repair, supply, and relocation of the safe if needed.

• Auto Locksmith. A trusted car locksmith can not only help you unlock car doors in case you lost of forgot your keys, but they are also equipped to cut, program, reprogram, repair, and replace any type of mechanical or digital car key. Modern car keys are very difficult to replace because each is programmed and designed for specific models, even down to the specific unit. Only a professional 24 hour locksmith have the technology to bypass such standards.

• Impressioning. Another method to bypass a lock without destroying it is to use impressioning. A cheap locksmith will insert a blank key and manipulated so as to leave impressions. Then, the blank key is filed and inserted several times until the correct impression is achieved.

• Access Control. Professional locksmiths are also licensed to install security systems for residential complexes and offices. These include pin, card, and biometric door access systems that might be difficult to install, specify, supply, and troubleshoot without the help of experts.

• Emergency. Locksmith services can help with emergency situations such as car lockouts. A professional has all the tools to unlock car doors if you have left your child or pet inside, or if you need to unpick your lock to the apartment without damaging the lock through forced entry. Always keep the contact details of a trusted 24 hour locksmith for such situations.

A Guide to Commercial and Residential Painting

Looking for the best painter in Singapore to complete a condo painting project? Or is your office in need of the best painting services for exterior and interior makeover? Check out the different options you can enjoy from HBD painting service, the best painting contractor in the country.

Professional Preparation
Painting services should always include professional prep right after the inspection and estimation. Any furniture and item that can be removed must be covered and relocated, including outlet and switch covers, down spouts, and shutters. Commercial buildings in Singapore might also include parts such as metal surfaces, steel panels, paneling, siding, cladding, roofs, framing and support structures. The walls must also be prepared to make sure that the paint will last for years. Scraping, caulking, sanding, and priming are part of the painting preparation.

Professional Cleanup
Exterior painting projects take more preparation time than when doing interior painting. Commercial buildings in need of repainting will need power washing (hot or cold), treatments, sandblasting, and repairs before any work can commence. For large-scale projects such as these, you should only contact a reputable painting contractor. They will also make sure to take precautions when safeguarding other areas in the building such as gardens or landscaping, so that the daily operations can continue. Most commercial buildings have different services rates compared to a residential paint contractor.

Interior Painting
Condo painting for interiors can be done room by room. A good house painter in Singapore, however, has more considerations to keep in mind when doing interior versus exterior painting. The occupants and the property must be protected, and if possible, daily routine must only be minimally interrupted while the interior house painting is ongoing.

Several steps are taken to ensure that the interior painting project is a success. These include the moving of furniture, removal of outlet and switch covers, drywall repair, sanding, taping and back filling, priming, drywall review, finishing coat, and cleanup. Commercial buildings need not worry about having their business interrupted by the HBD painting contractor, because they can work around the business hours to finish the project on the agreed schedule.

Exterior Painting
Condo painting for exteriors is a bit more complicated than interior painting projects. That’s because the preparation can take some time before the crew will start to paint the wall. The painter ensures that the following steps are followed: power washing of the exterior surface, scraping to reveal solid edge, removal of the down spouts and shutters, caulking (for seams and cracks), masking and covering of landscape and features that cannot be removed, and painting. The type of paint applied, the cost of paint, and the paint colours appropriate for the building depends on the material of the surface and the effect the owner wants to achieve, especially if it’s a commercial painting service job.

Project Follow-Up
A good painting contractor will guarantee that the result of the work will last for years. They will ensure this through inspection and follow-ups in case retouches are needed. Before a project is completed, the painting services company will schedule a final inspection and walkthrough of the building. Always hire a painter if you need touch-ups and to enjoy more options for a cheap house painting service.

5 Hand Tools You Should Have at Home

Whether it comes to maintenance or repair, hand tools are a must-have for any home, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared whenever something you need breaks, or if you need something installed. After all, living in Singapore is expensive, and the last thing you want is having to replace an expensive appliance.

There are many advantages to having these tools at hand – they make general repairs and basic maintenance faster and so much easier. Perhaps the best part about having these tools is that you can buy them at any hardware store, and are generally cheap.

1. Screwdriver
A third of every problem you will encounter at home will be because of a few screws loose, from faulty door knobs to shelf joints. With a screwdriver, these are avoidable.

Having both flathead and Phillips head (star screws) screwdrivers is a must, since most screws come in these shapes. Appliances with less common screw heads, such as a Robertson head (square drive), would usually come with their own special screwdrivers.

2. Hammer
If you need a pesky nail in place, you can stop scrounging around for something hard to hit it with until its head stops sticking out. Having a hammer in hand lets you not just stick nails in, but also remove them.

3. Pliers
It’s ill-advised to handle wiring without pliers, even if it’s disconnected from the power source. Even if you don’t run the risk of electrocuting yourself, scissors happen to be at cutting wires, and some wires aren’t exactly the most pliable with hands alone.

You should get at least two of these: one for cutting wires and rods (wire cutter), and one for gripping them (flat-nose or long-nose).

4. Duct Tape/Electrical Tape
Do you have exposed wires at home that could lead to potential electric or fire hazards? If you don’t, good for you. However, if it turns out that this is unavoidable, keep a few rolls of electrical tape at hand.

Be careful with electrical tape, though, as the adhesive eventually wears off when exposed to open air and heat.
A good option is duct tape. Why, you ask? The answer is simple – it’s reliable enough that Formula One pit stop crews use it on racecars to make quick repairs.

5. Hand Drill
You usually wouldn’t need a hand drill for the most part, but if you need to install a joint or a fixture, or even add screw slots in a wooden shelf, then this would certainly come in handy.

Electric drills often do the job for most things nicely, but a manual drill (reserved specifically for wood) is good as a last resort if the power goes out.

Be sure to store these tools in a dry environment, preferably a good-sized toolbox, to keep them from rusting. When kept well, you’ll never have to buy another one again.

Top 4 Phones You Can Get On a Budget

In the twenty-first century, smartphones are a must-have. That doesn’t mean we have to shell out a fortune just to get the latest models – there are plenty of good quality phones that you can get your hands on without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are five models you can get on a budget right now:

1. Nokia 6
The once-iconic brand has been back in the mobile phone industry for a while now, and Nokia 6 the flagship model for their current model line-up to be released on July 10 this year.

The phone runs a stock Android interface, which many purists are sure to rejoice over. The lack of pre-installed software ensures a smoother interaction with the device. If that’s not enough, the handset also packs a Snapdragon 430 processor along with 3-4GB of RAM, which is more than capable of handling your camera and general usage.

2. Sony Xperia XA1
Released in April this year, this model is the go-to when it comes to having a minimalist phone that looks polished and high-end while still on a budget. Sony’s trademark pocket-friendly but classy design makes it easy to forget that it isn’t actually made of metal and glass.

Xperia XA1’s screen not only packs a sharp 720p resolution, but also has a really bright display with pretty good contrast and outdoor visibility if you put the backlights on full.

3. Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro
Released in May 2016, the Galaxy C5 Pro is perhaps the closest model Samsung has to an iPhone. With a polished interface thanks to the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, it now runs more smoothly thanks to less pre-installed bloatware.

The C5’s specs get you 4GB of RAM and can support up to 128GB of storage, which goes perfectly with the 16-megapixel front and back cameras that let you take high-definition pictures and panoramas, along with improved face detection and touch focus.

4. Nokia Lumia 635
With this phone, you can keep on enjoying the Windows Phone experience that you know and love without worrying about dropping it. Its small build is also perfect if you hate dealing with phones that are too big for your hands.
Like all flagship models, the Lumia 635 can handle 4G along with its 1.2GHz quad-core processor, which gives it an edge comparable to many high-end smartphones. Combined with its expandable memory of up to 128GB, this phone will definitely save you during those long commutes.

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