Practical Tips about Barbecuing

Bbq wholesale is one booming business venture in Singapore for the reason that Singaporeans are a people who love to eat. Grilling is an easy thing do which is also one reason why bbq catering is thriving in the country. Whatever you are planning to cook the next time you go grilling—whether it is satay, chicken wings, or any bbq food—here are some practical information you might find useful.

Mixing and Storage Containers
Bbq catering businesses are professionals that know the importance of using the right storage containers for bbq food spices, sauces, and other ingredients. When you put bbq ingredients in certain kinds of metal containers and bowls, there is a tendency that the ingredients will have a slight, undesirable metal flavour. Reactive metal containers include those that are made of aluminum and copper. To avoid this kind of bbq Singapore problem, you can use glass or plastic containers instead for mixing and storing foodstuff. Bbq wholesale businesses store seasonings and other ingredients in these kinds of materials to keep the right flavours. If you notice, seasonings and ingredients that are available in Singapore grocery stores are contained in either plastic or glass containers.

Protecting Cookware
If you want to grill like a pro just like the bbq catering companies in Singapore, it is imperative for you to know how to protect your cookware. Using a standard aluminum pan for grilling might cause you a headache afterwards as they tend to be dark brown after grilling, thus becoming harder to clean. To make things easier, you can make use of a heavy-duty aluminum foil to wrap the aluminum pans for added protection. After grilling, simply take off the aluminum foil. This can save much of your time and effort. Some bbq wholesale companies also use grills that are made of cast iron which are a more durable option. Cast iron grills are also naturally dark in colour, and so a little more grilling won’t hurt.

Preventing Rusts
One common problem of most bbq catering companies is keeping their grills and smokers rust-free. Rusty grilling equipment can cause undesirable taste in the bbq food and that is a serious mistake when it comes to catering. In order to make your grilling materials last longer and get the most out of them, it is important that you prevent them from getting corroded. One thing you should always do is remove the ashes after grilling. When ashes become wet, they can result to lye, a caustic base that has a propensity to corrode iron. See to it that after you grill, you wash the grilling equipment and clean out the ashes. Then, you can spray it with a cleaning solution of 2 tablespoons of vinegar per 1 gallon of water. Make sure that it dries well after.

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