Why We’ll Miss Sarang and the Choovely Family


We’ve seen adorable children come and go in the hit Korean reality variety show The Return of Superman. Some goodbyes were easily accepted but some partings are just heartbreaking. Some of the hardest goodbyes that happened in the show were of Lee Haru, the Jang brothers, and of course the Song triplets. Singaporeans who have been following the show had to endure another recent heartbreaking goodbye with Sarang.


Choo Sarang has been one of the original kids in the show as well as a top child favorite. We have seen her grow up from a very cute little girl to a growing little lady so it’s really difficult to just let her go. We can only wish that she grows up really well.

We’ll miss her cute antics

Sarang is growing up well to be an adorable little lady but she still displays her playfulness and mischief from time to time. She captured the viewers’ hearts with her cute mischievous laugh and playful antics. She also displayed an incredible appetite for food that made watching her eat a lot of fun. We’ll surely miss whatever mischief and jokes growing Sarang will be getting into as she grows up.

We’ll miss her doting father

Choo Sung Hoon is known to be an impressive athlete and incredible fighter but the show revealed that he’s also just another father who’s a fool for her daughter. It’s fun to watch him doting over Sarang. He’s obviously so in love with her only child to the point that even his wife gets jealous of his affection for Sarang. He loves Sarang so much that he tattooed baby Sarang’s foot on his foot and he refuses to have another child. He wants to give his love to Sarang alone.


We’ll miss her beautiful mother

Sarang’s mom is Shiho Yano, the number one model in Japan. We’ll miss her because we’ve seen a beautiful supermodel who can be very attractive and sexy and yet so funny and down to earth in real life. The show loves to make fun of her high pitched voice and laughter but she doesn’t mind. This only endears her to the viewers more.

We’ll miss the Choovely family

The show introduced not just Sarang and her parents but also Sarang’s grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousins. It’s heartwarming to watch a celebrity family that can be so simple in their living and so in love with their Sarang.

We’ll miss Yuto

Sarang captured the hearts of not just the viewers but even of most of the boys in the show. She has been close with the Jang brothers, one of the triplets, and she also introduced her best friend, Yuto. Viewers of the show hope that Sarang and Yuto do get together when they grow up.


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