Custom-Designed Engagement Ring 101

Before, when you want to buy your sweetheart an engagement ring, you simply visit a jewelry store and pick one from several types. Rings tend to look relatively the same, with the diamond shape and size the biggest difference.


But today, a lot has changed. With the growing demand of uniqueness in wedding and engagement rings, more and more Singapore jewelers have adopted the idea of custom-designed rings. If your future fiancé isn’t a fan of traditional diamond ring, you can choose any type of gemstone, from rubies and emeralds to sapphires and opals, as the main stone of your proposal ring. Here are some more ways to help you make a custom-made ring.

Search for Clues

Notice your sweethearts’ jewelries to get a clue of the ring’s design and material. Determine some factors, like traditional or modern, to help narrow down your selections. Also, pay attention to rings worn by your officemates or friends. If you see some beautiful engagement rings for proposal in Singapore that you like, simply ask where it was bought or who designed it. Next, visit a couple of jewelry shops and showrooms to scout for pleasing – and even unpleasing – designs. Take note of the stone, shape of the stone, and the ring setting of the rings that you like and sketch some features that caught your attention.


Express Yourself

Creating something original has something to do with what you feel. Try to come up with a symbol that describes your mate or your feelings for her. Make the ring show what you want to say. Although it can be difficult for a non-artist to translate emotions into non-literal form, it can be very romantic when it’s successfully made. Try doing so by maximizing your knowledge. Write down a paragraph of what you feel or a list of adjectives that describes the traits of your beloved. From there, try to see what imagery pope up to your mind as you read your work.

Consider the Wedding Band

Soon, there will be a wedding ring to keep the engagement ring company. For the engagement ring, you have two options: go extravagant with a proposal ring that will stand alone (it will be worn on the other hand after the wedding band comes in), or have a shaped proposal ring that will fit or complement her wedding band.

Take Your Time

Start searching early. Estimate six weeks for delivery period once you have placed your order. Furthermore, you’ll need time for the research process and to look for a skillful and trusted designer. Finalizing the ring’s specifications may also take a while since this will require back and forth communication. Look for a Singapore jewelry shop with on-site jewelers to save time.

Expect to Pay Higher Price

A custom-made ring typically costs as much as three to four times higher than an in-store ring. This is due to the obvious fact that custom-designed rings require more time and labor since they should be assembled by hand in all its elements and features.


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