Introducing the Camper Tricycle  


Camping is one way to relax and be in touch with nature. There are many trails here in Singapore that we can consider but not all Singaporeans consider camping because of the inconvenience and discomfort it entails. If we think only this, we will never realize the beauty of camping and gazing at the stars.


Camper vans are famous for camping families. The vans are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, comfort room and some beds for the comfort of the whole family. Camper vans are bulky though. However, for solo campers out there, there is a concept that will surely excite us.

Although this is just a concept, there is a possibility of mass production should the designers pursue it. The concept is to squeeze everything unto a tricycle. This is for sol campers. The camper tricycle is called The Bufalino. The Bufalino offers ultimate experience for solo campers who can hit the road anytime.

The Bufalino features:camperbike1

  • Storage: The tricycle offers storages that can organize the camper’s things from clothing to beddings. Though the storages are small, it can make a difference.
  • Sleeping area: The camper tricycle can only accommodate one camper. Squeezing the next camper can be too difficult.
  • Micro office: Forget about work while camping but there will come a time that we need to check something. Alas, The Bufalino offers a micro office – enough to place a laptop and lampshade.
  • Sink and stove: It does not end there because the tricycle also features sink and stove. This will make cooking more easy and hassle-free.

The concept was from an industrial design student named Cornelius Comanns. Many commended the practicality and the rendering of the camper tricycle. Let us see what happens next. This is truly a modern-day camping.


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