Playing Tetris Has Benefits  


Our parents often say that we are just wasting our precious time sitting and playing games. They say that if we only allot our time doing significant activities, our lives will improve. They are true but not when they tell this and we are playing tetris, we can confidently say that it has benefits.


There is a study published in Addictive Behaviours that claim playing tetris can cease food cravings. The psychologists conducted a study involving 31 participants from 18 to 27 years old. These participants revealed their cravings for food, drugs, drink and other activities. They also revealed how strong their cravings were. Of the participants, 15 were asked to play tetris for at least three minutes in between cravings.

According to Jackie Andrade, one of the researchers, tetris reduced the craving from 70% to 56%. We might wonder why this is the case. As it turned out, craving happens when we imagine consuming it. It is difficult to imagine consuming something and play tetris at the same time.


The result astonished the researchers and said that it can be used to reduce others cravings. The study proved that cognitive interference can be effectively used to reduce the cravings for other activities and substances like alcoholic drinks and drugs.

Many Singaporeans are playing tetris not knowing its benefits. If all Singaporeans know its benefits and effects, tetris will be integrated in our lives that it becomes a daily habit. It does not matter as long as it can help us with our cravings. For those who haven’t downloaded tetris yet, it is time that we try it for ourselves.


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