3 Big Reasons to Start Fermenting Vegetables

Modern civilization has given us everything we need and want to make everyday life so much easier, from the electricity and running water we currently enjoy, to the refrigerators and coffee that we use nearly every day.

However, it also has its downsides, not just on the environment around us, but on the environment that’s inside us as well – and this is where fermenting food comes in.

Why Ferment?

Fermentation has been a way to prepare and extend the shelf life of food, even before refrigerators were around.

With natural fermentation, food is broken down into a more digestible form while still retaining its nutrients, and even introduces vital enzymes, such as b-vitamins, and probiotics that are good for your gut.

Here are the biggest reasons why you should start fermenting vegetables at home:

  1. Fermented Foods Are Easier to Digest

Food is broken down and made easier to digest through fermentation, which is great for those who are suffering digestive problems. This is possible since the bacteria will break the food down using a process that doesn’t involve oxygen or air.

  • They Balance Your Gut Flora

Fermented foods are good for you not just because they’re easier to digest, but they also contain healthy bacteria and yeast strains that your gut needs to produce and process nutrients that your body can’t.  

One vital product that’s produced during the fermentation process is lactic acid, which your body burns to give your muscles more energy and reduces your tendency to suffer from muscle cramps.  

  • They’re Easy to Prepare

Any food that you prepare yourself will taste better than the food that you would just normally buy. Even if you don’t cook regularly, fermentation is something you’ll be able to appreciate since it will last you a long time.

Fermenting vegetables is also easy to do – all you really need is a clean jar with a lid and a mix of water and sea salt (or any other type of unrefined salt). Once the bacteria has finished fermenting them, you’re done!

Not only is fermenting your own food natural and easy to do, but fermented foods can also be kept at room temperature while still retaining their long shelf life (which can last for months), especially when compared to other foods that spoil faster and more easily.

Additionally, fermenting vegetables can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re on a tight budget and have to cut down on buying a lot of groceries. There’s also no reason to not start doing it since there are all kinds of fermented dishes you can start making.

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