6 Secrets All-Inclusive Resorts Won’t Tell You

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s that time of the year again when people travel for a well-deserved vacation. Don’t just pay for that lackluster trip. Find out for yourself whether that all-in package is truly worth the expensive price or not by keeping these things in mind.

  1. They are rarely ‘all-inclusive’

To see if you are priced fairly, compare you all-in hotel fee to the standard room rate without the other services. Some resorts budget around S$200 per person a day for meals and leisurely drinks under their all-inclusive deals. Ask yourself if you really consume that much to find out if the package is worth getting.

  • Discounts could be because of unfavorable factors

Ongoing renovations are not mentioned in resorts’ marketing materials, so confirm with your hotel or risk enduring noise and dust your entire vacation. Another reason why hotels offer discounted all-in packages is the invite more guests during off-peak seasons, such as hurricane season in western countries. While you might have saved a lot from your package, you may not enjoy the place as much because of natural disasters.

  • Brochure photos are always edited

Scanning and browsing through photos in brochures and websites of hotels would give you the impression that they offer five-star amenities and services. While your all-in package brochure gives you pictures of plush rooms and pristine beaches, we also recommend checking travel websites for un-retouched images of your resort for comparison.

  • Food-borne illnesses is quite common

Be careful with what you eat by avoiding lukewarm offerings and drinks that have been left out for hours when dining in buffets. Diarrhea happens on one in every four travelers, so it is imperative to be mindful with the food and always bring anti-diarrhea meds wherever your go.

  • A healthcare insurance will give you peace of mind

In relation to number 4, opt for an enhanced medical coverage to get you covered against any illnesses or accidents incurred during the trip. Secure a medical coverage that arranges a doctor’s visit to your own hotel room, instead of you going to the hospital.

  • The cheaper hotel nearby offers the same beach as your luxe hotel

Before booking that posh hotel, find out first if there are more affordable hotels nearby. Expensive resorts and cheaper hotels usually share the same stretch of beach. If you are visiting the place mainly for the beach and doesn’t mind skimping on fancy amenities, you’ll save a lot of cash with the more affordable option.

An all-inclusive vacay may seem like a more convenient option, but a little research won’t hurt.

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