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The Real Reasons Why We Crave Sugary and Salty Foods

Cravings are a common problem for many people all over the world, and while many people think that cravings are simply the body responding to lack in certain nutrients, this isn’t the case since they are often tied to unhealthy foods that are rich in salt or sugar.

So why do we experience cravings?

There are a few reasons why these might happen aside from any underlying medical issues:


Many people tend to crave certain foods for comfort to ease stress, but this comes at the cost of one’s overall health. In fact, this habit has been linked by many studies to even more cravings and weight gain.

Lack of sleep

People who lack or don’t get enough sleep tend to reach for sugary or salty foods to get a quick energy boost, but just like stress, this can result in weight gain as well as other health problems. Many factors can lead to a lack of sleep, such as sleep disorders or busy schedules, but a health professional can offer a clear diagnosis as well as a treatment plan that can help you get the rest you need.

Excessive sweating

Sodium levels decrease when a person sweats, but while any lost fluids can be replenished, you can begin to crave salt when you lose too much sodium along with your sweat. This is the case for those who work in hot environments or exercise a lot.


Eating because of boredom is emotional behavior much like stress eating, so it’s helpful to look for certain hunger cues: loud stomach grumbling, and a desire to eat any food that only grows stronger with time. Another way to know if you’re really hungry is to ask yourself if you would like to drink a glass of water. If yes, there’s a good chance you’re just thirsty.

So how do you really keep your body well-nourished?

Keep in mind that the next time that you have cravings due to stress or boredom, having access to healthier options rather than your favorite comfort food is a must. Foods like trail snacks or fruits can not only keep you nourished when you’re stressed or exhausted, but even improve your quality of sleep.

Staying hydrated is another way to keep your cravings at bay. Energy drinks can provide your body with much-needed electrolytes that can keep you going for longer without the crash that many junk foods or sodas often bring.

However, this may not always be the case. If you can’t find the reason for your salt or sugar cravings, it’s always best to talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

You are What You Eat

6 Eating Habits That Could Make You Gain Some Weight

You’ve been exercising regularly and you’ve been steering clear from every high-calorie that you see, but you’re still not shedding those extra pounds away. We know it’s frustrating, but before you turn your anger on your weighing scale, you might want to check and re-evaluate some of your eating habits that could be causing you to gain weight.

Failing to Eat Enough Every Meal

It may come as a shocker, but not eating enough actually forces your body to go into starvation mode. This is where your metabolism slows down, making it more difficult for you to burn calories even if you’re eating healthy meals and working out regularly.

Eating Rapidly

If our body has one huge flaw, it would be this: it takes your stomach about 20 minutes to inform your brain that you already ate enough. One study found that slow eater consumed 66 fewer calories each meal, but compared to their fast-eating counterparts, they felt fuller after each meal. Well, what’s 66 calories you ask? It simply means losing more than 20 pounds a year if you eat 66 fewer calories on your meals.

Missing Nutrients That Your Body Needs

Did you know that failing to give your body enough iron, magnesium or vitamin D saps your energy? And if you’re already feeling deflated, you’ll likely end up snacking on sweet, high-carb foods to compensate for the energy that you lost – which in return, causes you gain some weight.

Drinking High-Calorie Drinks

If your diet and exercise aren’t working, then perhaps that because you’re drinking your calories. Remember, juices and sodas are often loaded with hundreds of calories per serving, which could quickly add up to your weight without you noticing.

Being Tricked By Food Labels

Not everything that’s labelled fat-free is good for you. When fat is completely removed from a food, it ends up becoming flavourless, a problem that most food manufacturer remedied by adding tons of salt and sugar to the product.

Focusing Too Much on Your Workout

Here’s a secret: hitting the gym won’t really burn that much calories. According fitness experts, a person weight 155 pounds only burns 112 calories for every 30 minutes of weightlifting exercise – which you can easily counter if you mistakenly drink a soda after working out.

Shedding off some weight isn’t just about exercising regularly, it’s also about cleaning up your eating habits. Because as they say, a well-toned body is often made in the kitchen and not in the gym.

The Ten Most Delicious Foods in the World


CNN once published an article enumerating the 50 best foods and dishes in the world. What’s astonishing about the article is that the top 10 are actually Asian dishes. This goes to show how refined our Asian palate is and how well we know how to use the ingredients that nature provided for us.


It also helps that most Asian countries have good climate to grow fruits and vegetables while having the Pacific Ocean nearby for good seafood. Here are the top 10 foods and dishes in the world.


  1. Massaman Curry

Most commonly found in Thailand, Massaman curry is considered by many to be the best of its kind. What’s most notable about the dish is that it combines different types of flavors that blend into one delicious concoction. It is sweet and spicy with a savory coconut finish from the meat.


  1. Peking Duck

The dish that placed Beijing on the food map, the Peking duck is an impeccable dish made more so by the fact that breeders actually have to make sure that each duck is 65 days old and in good condition before they are cooked. Peking duck is best served roasted and sliced in front of the diners.


  1. Ramen

One of Japan’s greatest contributions to the culinary world, the Ramen is Japan’s version of the noodle soup prepared from wheat noodles and served with fish broth, miso, soy sauce, pork, and a variety of green vegetables.


  1. Dim Sum

Another one of China’s great dishes, the term dim sum covers a wide variety of bite-sized treats that are steamed in small wooden baskets. The more popular types of dim sum are dumplings, pork buns, congee and spring rolls.


  1. Som Tam

Aside from the Massaman Curry, Som Tam is another one of Thailand’s delicious dishes. It is also known as green papaya salad and is prepared by having shredded papaya salad combined with pounded garlic and chili. The similarity of the variations end there, as it is customary in Thailand to ask for the customer’s taste preferences.


  1. Pad Thai


Pad Thai is a popular street food in not only in its country of origin, but also in various Asian countries as well. It is a stir-friend noodle dish that is served together with eggs, tofu, garlic, shrimp and chili. Variations contain several green vegetables and other meats.


  1. Tom Yam Goong

Thailand seems to have the best dishes in the world as another one makes the top 10. It is a staple soup found in Southeast Asian countries. It is prepared by boiling broth together with lemon grass, lime leaves and juice, fish sauce, and chili peppers. Variations may include more vegetables and meat.


  1. Sushi

Probably the most popular Japanese dish, sushi is rice combined or wrapped with several other ingredients like vegetables, fruits, and seafood (cooked or raw).


  1. Nasi Goreng

The top two dishes in the world are actually Indonesian. Nasi Goreng came in close second place. It is actually stir fried rice cooked together with spices such as garlic and chili, combined with eggs and chicken, and then spiced up with a type of sweet soy sauce.


  1. Rendang

The best dish in the world is Rendang. It is of Malay origin yet often served in Indonesia. It is served by simmering beef with coconut milk and combined with several spices including ginger, turmeric, garlic, and chili. It sounds so simple yet the combination of technique and spices makes it the best type of dish in the world.


Dining with Dad

In less than a month, we are going to celebrate once again that special day we dedicate to our fathers. On the third Sunday of June, which is the 15th to be exact, we will all be celebrating Father’s Day. Have you got any plans yet on where to take dad for an awesome day of catching-up and good dining? If you haven’t got any yet, then consider these restaurants which are the ideal setting for a value-for-your-money, casual, family bonding.



This non-pretentious restaurant is perfect for lunch or dinner. Located at 510, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Grub is firm in its mission to serve only good-quality food while upholding their social responsibility. Thus, the produce they serve are as natural as possible and the meat, poultry, and seafood that they have are sourced from responsible farmers and fishermen who grow their animals free-range and without antibiotics or growth hormones.


The result of such careful selection of food ingredients is no less than the freshest, great-tasting menu you could ever want for such an affordable price. Grub is indeed the perfect place to treat dad to some scrumptious meals without worrying about his health. They specialize on burgers so there definitely won’t be any shortage on choices. They’ve got Grub cheeseburger, pork steak burger, and crispy fish burger. Other than that they also have chicken steaks, pastas, and their perfectly tender and moist slow cooked pork belly.

Two Fat Men

Don’t worry, just because the restaurant’s name says it doesn’t mean your dad’s going to become a fat man too. Based on the name alone, you’d automatically assume that this is a Western restaurant. Technically that’s correct, but the story doesn’t actually end there because aside from serving burgers, which are standard Western food, they also serve Thai food. That’s quite an odd combination right?


Regardless of whether you prefer Thai food or burgers, Two Fat Men still is the right place because their Thai cuisines and juicy burgers are all worthy of praise. For a taste of Thai food, they’ve got the classic som tam (papaya) salad, basil chicken fried rice, and the meat lovers’ grilled pork neck. So, if dad can’t decide on whether to eat Thai food or burgers for dinner, then take him to Two Fat Men at 376 East Coast Road and let him have both!

Let’s Have Indian Food!

Yes, it’s true, we love our Singaporean food and nothing comes close to it when it comes to taste. But from time to time, it is nice to change things up a bit and try other international dishes. And what better way to do that than visit some of our local Indian restaurants such as the ones listed here.


Shahi Maharani

At 252, North Bridge Road, #03 – 21B Raffles City Shopping Centre, you’ll find this elegant Indian restaurant owned by the Mirpuri family. For many years now, Shahi Maharani has continued to serve appetizing, traditional Indian dishes.  Their menu boasts of an excellent selection of Indian cuisines such as their Jheenga curry, which consists of tiger prawns cooked in an onion-based sauce, and their tender tandoori lamb chops.

For dessert, you should try their nutty delight, made with pistachio, almond & cashews folded into vanilla ice cream and garnished with peanut brittle. The food isn’t the only reason to keep coming back here because ever since they started, they haven’t failed to provide their customers with quality service and a classy ambience that adds a luxurious feel to the entire dining experience.

Daawat Tandoori

An Indian restaurant that looks after your health and is friendly to your budget, that’s what Daawat Tandoori has always been. Here, you are guaranteed that all the dishes are prepared with good quality ingredients and without MSG or any other additives. You can order a full Tandoori Chicken for only $24 and a Paneer Naan, an Indian bread stuffed with cottage cheese and roasted in earthen oven, will only cost you $3.50.

genimage (1)


Daawat Tandoori also has an amazing range of chicken specialties and an assortment of filling vegetarian dishes such as their spicy, stir-fried Vegetable Jelfrezi. If you’ve never tried Indian food yet, then Daawat Tandoori at 207, Upper Thomson Road, Yew Lian Park is the ideal place to start.

Ananda Bhavan Restaurant

The tenure of this restaurant is testament to its greatness in serving delectable, authentic Indian cuisines. Ever since 1924, people have continued to patronize Ananda Bhavan Restaurant. They serve a seemingly endless range of Indian dishes from North Indian, South Indian, to Indian-Chinese dishes. Their Thosai selection alone is quite plentiful.

They have cheese thosai, masala thosai, onion thosai, and even pizza thosai. But of course, they do serve the plain version. So, if you haven’t tried the dishes of this time-tested Indian restaurant yet, do take the time to visit them at any of their 5 outlets, including one at Selegie Road where it all began.




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