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Things to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

Perhaps the most stressful part of the wedding preparation is the night before the ceremony. Most people will advise the bride and groom to get a good night’s sleep for the long day ahead, while some prefer to spend it with family and friends to commemorate the last night of being single.

Here are some productive things you can do before the big day.

Make a list of things to do – Even if you think you have prepared enough for the ceremony, it won’t hurt to do a last-minute check of everything that needs to be done before tomorrow. You might want to sit down with your wedding organizer and your assistants. This will help you remember things you might have overlooked and the items that you have missed.

Last-minute check with the vendors – Make sure everything goes well tomorrow by checking for the scheduled payments with the vendors even if you have a wedding organizer. You should have a list of all related information about the vendors, such as names and phone numbers.

Check with your photographers – Do a last-minute check with your photographers and videographers to make sure everything is working. You should also check your own phone and cameras if you plan to take a few photos yourself.

Talk to family and friends – You can do a last-minute check with your entourage to see if there are any problems, or if you’re feeling nervous or stressed, talk to family and friends to ease your worries.

Beauty prep – This is the perfect time to get last-minute finishing touches such as a spa session, but you should book an appointment with the salon or spa weeks ahead. If you think you need a facial, it should be scheduled at least a week ahead of the wedding day, because you don’t want to have a breakout when you need to look your best.

Check your personal items – Double-check all your personal items before going to bed. Don’t leave anything that can get lost or misplaced, so make sure that all your items are organized and returned after use. You should also pack a separate kit in case of emergencies that contains extra hairpins and buttons, safety pins, hair products and makeup, extra underwear and shirts, tissues, and a small sewing kit. Then assign someone to carry your personal items, emergency kit, and cash during the wedding.

Rehearse your speech or vows – Make sure you practice your speech or vows before going to bed, so you will feel more confident tomorrow. You can ask someone to listen and give advice while you recite.

Get enough sleep and rest – As much as possible, all the necessary preparations should be carried out days ahead to avoid stress. Eat a healthy meal and drink lots of water, then get plenty of relaxation and sleep and avoid any activities that will ruin your mood by turning off your phone before going to bed.

A Quick Guide to Bridal Fashion

One of the first and most important priorities of brides is finding the right bridal dress. With so many choices available, the pressure to finding “the one” can be very overwhelming.
Understanding the terms used to describe different wedding gowns is a good way to start with. Here, we’ve decoded the bridal fashion terms that most designers and bridal shops use to label their dresses.


• Couture – Couture wedding gowns are high fashion products, carefully created over a series of fittings to perfectly fit a bride’s measurements. When you choose to have a couture bridal dress, expect to have a one-of-a-kind gown, especially made in high quality materials, to fit your figure, taste and personality. These dresses have the best quality finish, design, and cut, with special handmade embellishments, such as embroideries, applique, and beading. Creating couture dresses require approximately five to six fittings with the used of toiles from early fitting stages.

Demi-Couture – Demi-couture is a “half-couture” meant for brides who want special wedding dresses in singapore without having to go through a toile process. Usually, with demi-couture dresses, you can combine elements from wedding dresses available off-the-rack and have them especially made in your own size. These gowns feature more intricate hand works and higher quality of materials compared to average ready-made wedding dresses.

• Made-to-Measure – This is a good choice for brides looking for a more affordable alternative to couture dresses. Made-to-measure bridal gowns are also made from scratch by any seamstress and materials of your choice. The dress is made following your measurements and calls for a toile process, which usually requires up to four fittings. In this case, you will need to provide your own fabrics and accessories or choose from the fabrics available from your dressmaker.


• Ready-to-Wear – As what the name implies, these bridal gowns are ready-made and can be purchased right away from any Singapore department stores. Any necessary alterations will be made by a seamstress.

Differences of Couture and Off-the Rack Wedding Dresses

When deciding what wedding gown to purchase, it would be wise to know the differences between couture and off-the-rack wedding dresses.

• Fabric – Couture wedding gowns are expensive mainly because they’re made only from the finest materials. Unlike quality fabrics, cheap textiles do not hang well, lose shape, and will deteriorate over time. However, couture dresses are made from sublime fabrics that are durable and can maintain in shape for the longest of time.

• Design – You can’t expect to get a one-of-a-kind dress when you choose to buy one from a department store, since mass produced dresses are made by batch and in the same styles, though in different sizes. With couture gowns made by renowned Singapore designers, you can choose your own fabric, shape, cut, and style to reflect your taste and personality.

• Workmanship – Mass-produced dresses are often made with less attention to details. But with couture wedding gowns, much love and attention has been devoted to ensure flawless finish or every major and minor detail.


Deciding on the kind of wedding dress to have generally depends on the preferences of the bride. However, knowing what to expect from the various choices in front of you will further help you choose which option is worth-having.