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Atypical Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

The key to having a healthy and happy relationship doesn’t solely rely on roses and date nights. It also has something to do about ditching the traditional relationship beliefs. In fact, couples who tend to rely and follow age-old marriage advices usually end up in relationships that they didn’t really want to be in. So start breaking some of the rules now, and follow these unconventional ways to strengthen your relationship bond.


  1. Drop Your Unconditional Love Fantasies. “True love knows no bounds.” Sounds really romantic, but this idea isn’t realistic. We understand that unconditional love is one of the fairy tale storylines you grew up reading, but truth is, this theory isn’t applicable in an adult relationship. Sure, you want to have a relationship that endures the tough times, but to be a healthy couple, you should also learn to respect one another’s deal-breakers. Also, failing to set limits on love will only cause you to overlook some warning signs that will later harm your relationship.


  1. Put 70 Percent in Your Relationship. We commonly hear that a couple should always do their fair share in their relationship. However, healthy relationships don’t really require a 50-50 cut on putting in effort and love. In fact, putting a unilateral initiative is already enough to change the momentum of your marriage. This could mean not glaring at your guy when he chews with an open mouth, or attending some therapy session alone and practising what you’ve learned later on. Take the initiative to be the bigger person in your relationship, and he’ll likely return the favour in the same amount as well.


  1. Be Selfish in the Bed. One study found that sexually satisfied couples are more focused on their own pleasure, and not that of their partners’. Avoid stressing too much about how you look or smell, because your partner won’t really mind. Also, don’t wait for pleasure to come along, instead, make it happen yourself.


  1. Learn to Surrender your Will. Why should you forgo your back-to-back episodes of Vampire Diaries when he wants to watch an action flick? Well, because putting your partner’s needs first oftentimes reap big rewards. Sure, it’s important that you keep your autonomy on career or living issues, but letting little issues like restaurant and movie choices slide is also good sometimes. By learning when to surrender your will, you’ll be able to show your partner that you value him and his happiness

Breaking some relationship rules isn’t all bad. In fact, it can even help in strengthening your bond with your partner, and in achieving the kind of relationship that you really want.


5 Fun and Exciting Things to Do With Your BFF


Adventures are made extra special with best friends, especially if you’re up for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If you want to level up the bonding moments and experience new things together, here are some fun suggestions that’ll make your friendship stronger.

  1. Conquer Your Fears

Enjoy the upcoming summer season by conquering your fears together. She may be afraid of heights, while you may despise spicy food. Help your bestie conquer her fear by challenging her to go cliff diving or zip line adventure. Let her prepare chilli crabs for you or dine out somewhere and enjoy hot and spicy dishes together. Facing your fears will be fun and much easier when you have each other’s back.

  1. Have an Unplanned Trip

Skip the planning process and just say yes to instant travels. Grab the next flight or hop on the next bus. The experience is totally wild and unexpected, but you know you’re with the right company to do something that’s totally off the bat.


  1. Have a Cook Off Challenge

If you have nowhere else to go or just prefer to stay indoors, show off your cooking skills by having a cook off challenge. Prepare a dish for each other and see who cooks best. If your cooking skills are just unfortunate, ditch it and call for delivery instead. At least you can both say you tried.

  1. Dine in a New Restaurant

Whether it’s the new Mongolian restaurant in the city or that new hawker stall on the next street, give it a shot. You could also go try foods together that you have never tried before. This is one adventure that you don’t have to go too far away. It could break diets, but it will surely be fun and memorable for the both of you.

  1. Get a Bit Crazy

Colour your hair in bright-coloured dye or go get a tattoo. A bit of wild won’t hurt and guarantee to make memories that will last forever. Remember that crazy nights and experiences are best shared with friends.

Doing new things together with your best friend nurtures your friendship. Aside from gaining new adventures and experiences, doing fun things with your BFF makes life more exciting and memorable.


5 Qualities Every Alpha Male Should Look For in a Woman


Alpha men and women are the people behind our ever-evolving world. They are successful, intellectual, trendsetters, and good leaders. While being an alpha male is great in many ways, it’s also depressing in some others, including finding a partner—someone who can run the world with us.

Satisfied smiling business woman compiling a form for a job recruitment or interview at office

If you’re an alpha male (or not), it’s important to find an ideal girlfriend who can live up to your kind of world. These traits should be among the qualities that you must look for in a woman.

1. Intelligence: Alpha males are alpha males because they are incredibly intellectual. However, they often fall into the trap of finding superficial women over intellectual ones. Unfortunately, this never works; the man gets bored, realizes that everything is a mistake, and calls it quits. The more intelligent you are, the more intelligent your partner should be.

2. Loyalty: Nothing is more important to an alpha male than pure loyalty, since they lead packs of people and expect these people to be loyal to them. Of course, an alpha male’s girlfriend isn’t just part of a pack, but a queen sitting next to him. Unwavering loyalty and understanding is what he expects from her.

Four businesspeople in a boardroom smiling

3. Control: Alpha males want to get in control of everything, that’s why we need a partner who can control hew own reality and life. While these men lead and control their own pack, their partner isn’t a part of that pack but a part of him. Hopefully, she’s also able to take some control over him too—sometimes we need a bit of that.

4. Patience: We’re not the nicest and easiest people to be with. Most of the time, we’re fighting for our kingdom and the rest we’re battling within ourselves. This can be very difficult to handle for an alpha male girlfriend. However, if we can see your loyalty and patience, it will all be worth it. We’ll fight for you and for our relationship with more fervour than anything else.

5. A Hint of Stubbornness: Because alpha males love competition, we want our partners to be able to challenge and compete with us. Like any relationship, a balance between fight and peace is important to keep the relationship interesting. A woman who can speak her mind, hold her ground, and do things her way gives a sense of challenge that makes her interesting for us.

These traits are just a few of the qualities that men should look for in a woman. These don’t only apply to alpha males alone, but to any man in general.