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Lost Your Keys?—What You Should Do Now

You have a lot of things to accomplish today, especially here in Singapore. With so little time, you intended to wake up earlier than the usual so you will be able to attend to every item on your long to-do list. However, as you reach for your keys in your drawer, you find out that they are not there. Now you begin to feel hysteric. What should you do now? Before you call a locksmith, do the following first:


Ask Anyone Who Has Duplicates

Misplaced keys is a common problem people ask locksmith Singapore to help with, so you are not alone in this. The first thing to do is, of course, ask any family member for key copies. In the first place, it is very important that you produce duplicates of your keys, so you have backup in case you lose or misplace them. If you have already duplicated your keys, your locksmith may have kept a spare copy. Ask your locksmith Singapore if you can borrow the duplicates in the meantime until you can find your keys. For future purposes, you can also hide key copies in a secret place in your house.


Recall the Whereabouts of Your Keys

In the event that you have no key duplicates, try to remember where you last saw your keys. Fight anxiety and clear your mind. In this way, you will more likely be able to retrace steps and remember the exact spot where you placed your keys. Most key openers like prosmith the locksmith in Singapore will give you advice that you begin your search in the places you are likely to drop your things the moment you arrive in your Singapore flat. These may be your worktable, bedside table, or cabinet. Or perhaps they are still in the pocket of your pants, which you hanged it at the back of your bedroom door.

Search in Unlikely Places

Especially when you have very active kids at home, your keys might be mistaken as toys. Kids in Singapore are very active and might play with your keys and end up bringing them in unlikely places, such as your medicine cabinet, bookshelf, kitchen cupboards, toolbox, and under the couch. Locksmith Singapore also advice to search in such unlikely spots. Moreover, to avoid losing your keys again, tell your kids not to treat your keys as objects for them to play with. Tell them that they are important and should not be taken from where you left them.


Contact an Experienced Locksmith

When worst comes to worst that you cannot really find your keys and you actually remember dropping them in a crowded place in Singapore, and you also don’t have copies of them, you can contact somebody who is good in locksmithing. Locksmith Singapore can rekey locks—be it in houses, cars, or anything with locks. A locksmith will come to the rescue of those who have lost their keys and those who have been locked out of their cars or houses. Aside from those, locksmiths these days can also do more than just basic metalwork. They can install, repair, and adjust locks in everything—from houses, cars, office buildings. For people who lost their keys, locksmiths do not actually provide the keys that match the existing locks. Instead, they select a new pin combination and perform a basic rebuild of the locks, thus providing new, matching keys.

Singapore Port: State of the Art Port Facility

Let it be known that there is a plan for the construction of Stage 6 Circle Line of Keppel Port. The Singapore Land Authority together with LTA (Land Transport Authority) announced on November 6, 2013 about the project. The project is expected to conclude in 2025 and by then, all can make a complete circle when coursing through the port. Singapore Ports again proved why they are one of the best ports in the world.


Singapore is the leader when it comes to maritime. Apart from Keppel, there are many terminals to include Jurong, Brani, Pasir Panjang, Sembawang and Tanjong Pagar. As for the anchorage places, it include Western, Jurong and Eastern Sector. The MPA (Maritime and Port Authority) supervises all activities of the ports and terminals from the services, traffic and facilities. So, what are the facilities that made the port the best? Here’s a look:

Yard Places and Warehouses

The port has warehouses that can store and distribute cargoes. There are spacious yard spaces that be used for packing and consolidating.

Special Terminals

The port has special terminals that can hold oil and petroleum products. Aside from oil and petroleum products, the terminals can also hold steel and cement products.


The security of the port is unparalleled. Some of the security features include 24/7 CCTV system, police force, guards, metal detectors, fencing and many more. There is also a system that efficiently tracks the movement of the containers inside the terminals.


The Port has more than two hundred quay cranes that can be used by ships and their cargoes. The port also provides berths, port information and modal transport systems.

Every year, many developments are undertaken. This is the effort of the Port to sustain its state of the art facilities. The Port is one of the busiest hubs around the world so it is only right to continuously improve or develop it.

Watch Out for the Dolphin Island

Good news for dolphin fans out there! Finally, the Dolphin Island will open on the end of September. You can now see bottlenose dolphins swimming and frolicking at the Resorts World Sentosa. The huge marine park will cater to small groups of people from five (or fewer) to up to eighty people every day. This will give people a chance to get up close and personal with these delightful marine mammals.


Each group will be accompanied by a professional trainer and given thirty minutes to interact with Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. The interaction will happen in the shallow boundary of the interconnecting lagoons. This is open to non swimmers but you should be above 122cm tall to join. Dolphin Island is the new addition to the Marine Life Park. If you are going to  visit there, might as well go to:


  • S.E.A Aquarium – Be awed with the largest aquarium in the world. You will see more that eight hundred species of marine animals from the manta rays to the goliath grouper and many others. There are also about 200 sharks that you will see there.
  • Ultimate Marine Encounters – You can experience the world below together with thousands of marine animals. You can get up close and personal with the giant fishes. If you want, you can also stroll while manta rays swim beside you.
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark – If you want to bring your family here, you will surely enjoy this aquatic themed adventure park. You will be happy with the waterslides, hydro magnetic coaster, wave pool and tubing in their adventure river. You will also enjoy snorkelling.

What better way to spend your spare time? You can visit RWS any time you like. Your family will surely love the experience.

Singapore to Face 100% Water Independence

Despite of limited natural water resources, a small city Singapore is regarded as the world’s leader in water recycling. Rapid population growth and water shortage due to drought has been a critical issue and problem at the heart of environment advocates focusing on water conservation.

Singapore, the only city in Southeast Asia that literally depends its water supply from Malaysia, thereby the city state is in the process to contrive model towards sustainable and yet sufficient water supply by 2016. With this, Singapore will be facing 100% independence on water sharing with Malaysia. However, in 2011, 99-year water contract agreement with Malaysia has ‘expire’. Singapore failed to renew such contract.


Singapore belongs to the wealthiest country in Asia in terms of business enterprise, real estate ownership, in a sad track; the city state is lack of natural water resources.

The Three Models of Water Recycling

Singapore’s water recycling initiative is composed of three fundamental models: “rain collection, seawater desalination, and recycling wastewater.” This model has won the 2007 Stockholm Industry Water Award.

  1. Collection of Water. Singapore uses 17 tanks to collect running water from the rain strategically located in sidewalks, rooftops, streets, open land and major waterways among others. Planting trees around city-state will provide Singaporeans better opportunity to contribute 20% of the required water.
  2. Seawater Desalination. Establishing infrastructural equipment requires huge amount of money and yet durable water conversion. In 2005, the first plant was successfully opened and two more will open soon. This method can provide 30% water requirement.
  3. Recycling Wastewater. In order to generate 50% water requirement, Singapore currently building five “NEWater” to recycle wastewater to a portable or drinking water. This process is common for industrial needs, thus producing drinking water is its core objective.

The Circle of Blue spokesman Brett Walton from the United States considers Singapore as the “world leader in recycling water.” With its inception in 2000, Circle of Blue is an American-based organization, the powerhouse of journalists and scholars working together specializing towards issues in relation to water abuse and usage.

Water shortage in Singapore is getting more serious. Singapore’s estimated water needs by 2030 hit 6,900 billion cubic meters, in contrast to 4,500 billion today. Therefore, 40% above current levels is required to reserve water supply for environmental consumption.

How to Take Care of Your Skin

Your skin will be with you until the end of time so the least thing that you can do is take care of it. There are many people that are very conscious of their skin. If you belong to this group, there is nothing wrong with that. You can do the following steps to pamper your skin:



Make sure to drink a lot of water. 8 or more glasses a day can do the trick. It can give the skin a healthy and glowing effect. Aside from that, water can reduce chances of heatstroke.

Bath and apply lotion

Taking a bath will do your skin good. If you have tea bags, you can choose to add at least three teabags to your water. After your bath, don’t forget to apply your lotion.

Skin regime  

Establish a skin regime. It is up to you if you want it before or after you sleep. You need to put cleansing toner and moisturizers. When going outside, you need to put sun block. Whatever happens, stick to your routine for better results.


Shave unnecessary hairs. The hair will soften if you shave while bathing. When shaving, use a foaming gel as a replacement for soap. Soaps can dry the skin and it can cause irritation.

Good news for Singaporeans because the National Skin Centre launched the Patient Health Portal. If you have concerns other than skin maintenance and pampering, you can always refer to the portal. The portal is an online system which permits patients to access some portion of their health records. Patients will now know remotely doctor’s schedules, prescriptions, diagnosis, allergies and more importantly the courses of action of National Skin Centre. The portal also allows the patients to email questions to the healthcare team. It is said that the response is without delay.

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