7 Ways to Get the Most From Your Hotel

For many of us, one of the reasons we get excited about a trip is the hotel stay. In between sightseeing or after a day-long business meeting, hotels serve as our relaxation spot. Below are seven ways to get the most of your hotel stay on your next trip.

  1. Do early check-ins

Most people like early check-ins. Although hotels say they can’t guarantee early check-in time, most housekeeping staff clean the rooms much earlier than the requested check-in time of customers.

  • Stick to a single hotel

When it comes to hotel accommodation, unless you book the presidential suite, it is mostly the loyal patrons who are treated royally. And you can only achieve this loyalty status, which comes with special privileges like free breakfast, happy hour drinks and free use of special amenities—by staying in the same chain every time you need to book an accommodation.

  • Check for hidden offers

Many hotels in Singapore occasionally give away perks and discounts to people who post reviews about their hotel in travel sites, like TripAdvisor and Booking.com. You can also join some hotels’ email lists to receive emails of special deals.

  •  Ask for it

Do not hesitate to ask for little extras. In four- and five-star hotels, minor requests like extra slippers, ear plugs, conditioner, iPhone cord or even a microwave can be granted as long as the hotel has them on hand. These are part of the complementary and are usually free of charge. Forgot your razor or toothbrush? Simply ask.

  • Be nice

Room assignments and upgrades are made by actual people, usually by the front desk staff. If you approach them nicely (and tip them well), you may find yourself booked in a spacious suite with a free bottle of wine.

  • Celebrate with them

People naturally like to celebrate engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and all sorts of life’s triumphant moments. Informing the hotel of the occasion (even when there’s none) when booking is a surefire way to find a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne or some other perks when you arrive at your hotel room.

  • Know the Hotel Concierge

The hotel concierge main duty is to help customers have a great time during their stay, so do not be afraid to introduce yourself and make friends with them. The person is your key to hot tips and inside information about the deals in your hotel. The concierge is your go-to person for any special requests.

Try any of these ideas and see which of them would be granted by your hotel. With these seven tips in mind, we hope your next hotel stay would be a more enjoyable one.

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