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Can an Expectant Mother Go Vegan?

You’ve probably read countless articles on the advantages and disadvantages of going vegan despite the variety of food available for everyone today. While there are undeniably some benefits of choosing such a lifestyle, there are also a lot of valid objections to its repercussions on a person’s health.

One of the most controversial issues is maintaining that lifestyle when you are expecting a child.

Varied Opinions
Unfortunately, the answer could be different for each woman, because not only will the amount of vitamins and minerals have to be monitored, the availability, price, and palatability of food should also be taken into consideration. A pregnant woman should never be forced to eat something she doesn’t like; however, an alternative healthy source should be substituted especially if it’s essential to the diet. Some mothers claim that they have had healthy pregnancies as vegans, while other testimonies reveal that some had to rely on supplements for nutrients not readily found in fruits and vegetables.

Prenatal Vitamins and Minerals
So, how do you decide if you can survive with a vegan diet while pregnant? Although there are anecdotal evidences to successful vegan pregnancies, you need to take into consideration your health, your budget, and the availability of healthy food. To know how much you and your baby will need for the next 9 months, you should keep in mind the recommended amounts for vitamins and minerals.

• Protein = 71 g
• Iron = 27 mg
• Calcium = between 1,000 to 1,300 mg
• Vitamin A and Beta Carotene = between 700 to 1,000 mcg
• Vitamin D = between 600 to 4,000 IU
• Vitamin E = between 15 to 1,000 mg
• Vitamin C = between 80 to 2,000 mg
• Vitamin B12 = 2.6 mcg
• Folic Acid or Folate = between 400 to 1,000 mcg
• Zinc = between 11 to 13 mg
• Thiamin or B1 = 1.4 mg
• Riboflavin or B2 = 1.4 mg
• Niacin or B3 = between 18 to 35 mg
• Pyridoxine or B6 = between 1.9 to 100 mg

Vegan Diet
Simply put, this diet is limited, which is why most vegans use supplements and accompaniments to get all the nutrients. Typically, a vegan mother’s diet consists of the following: green peas, quinoa, buckwheat, oatmeal, pinto beans, chickpeas, whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread and cereals, soy milk, tofu, nuts, and miso. To get calcium, eat green leafy vegetables and orange juice, while iron sources can be found in beans, soy products, barley, bulgur, pumpkin seeds, dried fruits, spinach, kale, collard greens, and seaweed. Other vitamins can be found in fortified cereals, fortified meat substitutes, and fortified soy milk.

Non-Vegan Diet
If you decide to set aside your vegan diet, your meals will have more variety. Vitamins and minerals can be found in milk, eggs, cheese and most dairy products, high-protein food, liver, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, fatty fish, nuts, spinach, wheat germ, green beans, strawberries, broccoli, whole grains, organ meats, pasta, rice, berries, legumes, pork, chicken, beef and most red meats, bread, bananas, cantaloupe, shellfish, oysters, cauliflower, cereals, canned fish with bones, fruit juices, dried beans, dried fruits, and other fruits and vegetables.

4 Psychological Health Factors in the Workplace and Their Importance to Employers

Most people spend most of their time at work, no wonder why work environment plays a key role with respect to psychological health and economic well-being of the company.

A 2016 Job Happiness Index survey by reported that as far as job happiness is concerned, Singapore ranks at the last spot compared to its neighboring countries. Participants were mixed groups coming from fresh graduates to supervisorial positions as well as from the top management. Aside from the ratings, the survey also provided clues to companies on the factors that employees find worth staying or leaving in an organization and the programs they can focus on to establish a better work place.

On the other hand, a Western organization called American Psychological Association (APA) conducts annual recognition to companies across the country for their dedication to psychological ell-being of employees and commitment to a positive working environment. Basis on the awards come from policies and programs that significantly create a positive outcome in the psychological wellness of its workforce.

According to experts, there are four (4) factors that companies who aspire to cultivate a more positive and healthier working environment should focus on:

1. Employee Recognition
Psychiatrist Gail Saltz points how given that our identities are connected to our professions, recognition and appreciation at work gives us an overall feeling of being valued and improved self-esteem, protecting us from feelings of anxiety and depression. It should come as no surprise that human nature dictates when a person is appreciated, all that he would want in return is to do more—even more than what is expected of him. Another successful way to put it is for employers to place their people in a position that would enable them to work at their best and sharpen their strengths.

2. Work and Life Balance
This might sound quite of a cliché but never runs out of points of discussion as far as employee satisfaction is concerned. A survey from Prudential Life Company indicated 89% of employee population felt that the organization gave importance to work-life balance. Some practices may include paid leave for health-related activities, flexible work schedule or sponsored fitness-related buys. For many employees, these opportunities make them feel important because they are also physically taken-cared of. As a result, much stress is lifted off in the workplace which generates a positive and relaxed office atmosphere.

3. Overall Healthy Lifestyle
Programs should not only be limited to physical well-being but also extend to psychological and financial health. A successful program needs to address issues that employees and their families can benefit to such as financial education/savings, debt management, and personal stress. These types of program help employees reduce stress and depression in the long run.

4. Health Assistance
Companies that are far more open about employees’ struggle for costly medicines and unavailable treatments not only help their people but also eliminate productivity issues in the workplace. Needless to say, workers who have developed psychological issues (anxiety, depression etc.), will most likely have higher chances of getting other medical problems, such as hypertension, cardiac etc. and this can greatly affect monetary and productivity matters.

6 Benefits of Yoga  


We hear about yoga but we do not give it a chance to change our lives. It is time that we give yoga a chance. There are many fitness centres here in Singapore that offers yoga. Patrons saw how yoga changed their lives.


Here are the benefits of yoga:

  1. All around fitness: Patrons say that being truly healthy is not only physical but it should also be mental and emotional. Yoga helps balance these things. In other words, yoga is the holistic package.
  1. Weight loss: Many Singaporeans want weight loss but they haven’t tried yoga. Yoga presents an excellent opportunity because it can train the body to seek the right kind of food and when.


  1. Stress relief: Exercises and other form of activities can relieve stress. Yoga can also serve as our stress reliever. Through its postures, we get rid of stress that is accumulated every day.
  1. Inner peace: Yoga is a promoter of inner peace. Whenever we are troubled, we seek for peaceful and serene spots hoping to appease our spirits but little do we know that inner peace is within us. Yoga can help calm disturbed mind or spirit. It is cheap and we can do it any time of the day.
  1. Increased energy: Yoga can help increase our energy level. Things can be exhausting at the end of the day but yoga can give us that extra stamina or endurance to finish few more tasks. Yoga is not only for inner peace, it also includes body strengthening.
  1. Improved flexibility and posture: Regular practice of yoga makes our body strong and flexible. It can stretch and tone the muscles in our body. Not only that, it can also improve our postures when standing, sitting and walking.


Are Gums Dangerous?  


Chewing gum cannot do harm but if we swallow it or throw it in other places beside the trash can, it is possible that it can do harm not only to our body but to other properties around us. This is the reason why Singapore discourages gums. If we are caught spitting gums here in Singapore, we can be fined, jailed or worse, both.


There are people who think that gums are dangerous especially if swallowed. According to Dr. Ronald Kirschner, a toxicologist of Nebraska Regional Poison Centre, occasionally swallowing gums is not serious or dangerous. Gums will just pass through our digestive tract like other foods do. It will be out of our system – eventually.

However, there is a possibility that swallowing large quantities of gums can block our intestines and can cause intestinal problems. More than that, gums have more benefits than presenting danger. Gums can aid dental health.

We are not convinced but experts say that gums can indeed aid dental health. There are certain gums recommended by dental associations (we only need to look for the official seal of approval). Gums can effectively decrease plaque acids, lessen cavities and remineralize our tooth enamel.


Apart from that, gums can also boost our thinking abilities. There was a study done by researchers at St. Lawrence University in 2011. The research found that people who chewed gums five minutes before series of cognitive tests revealed an improved memory and retention skills compared to other participants who did not chew gums.

To conclude, gums are not dangerous if we keep it where it belongs – in our mouths (and trashcan of course after using it).


The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

We all have some sort of anxieties that can lead to mental problems if it is not resolved. For example, you are scared to talk in public or you are afraid of heights. Some people think that it is natural and they let it slip. They do not try to overcome it hoping that they can live normally. However, that is not high recommended. We need to overcome it so we will realize our full potential.

Delighting woman face

Are you familiar of hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapeutic interpolation. The therapist will lead the patient to heightened suggestibility (usually called trance) to affect positive change. Hypnosis alone can be a good help to patients seeking for treatment. Hypnosis is known for its effectiveness when it comes to treatment of physical, psychosomatic and mental disorders. Here are the benefits of hypnotherapy in details:

  • Healing of emotional wounds: Hypnotherapy can help you heal. If you have unpleasant past and you cannot seem to move on, you should seek for a hypnotherapist and get help. Hypnotherapy can help you with the healing of your emotional wounds by using regressive techniques. The regressive techniques will help the therapist (and you) identify what particular point in your life troubled you.
  • Controlling chronic pains: Apart from the emotional wounds, hypnotherapy will also help you control your chronic pains. Hypnotherapists will teach you techniques when it comes to controlling your pain. You should not heavily rely on your medications. This therapy will help you manage your pain and decrease your dependency to medications. If you have medical treatments, hypnotherapy can also help you manage it.


  • Correction of self-destructive habits: What are self-destructive habits? Self-destructive habits include smoking, gambling and other addictive habits. It will lead you to ruin. Before nothing is left, you should look for hypnotherapists and seek for cure. You should be willing to change your ways in the first place.
  • Correction of other dysfunctional behaviours: Other dysfunctional behaviours include overeating, insomnia, stress, anxiety disorders and many more. If you are serious of overcoming these behaviours, you should consider hypnotherapists and believe that you can change.

Some people do not believe about hypnotherapy because they believe that it is a way of controlling them. If you are seeking for treatment, you will try everything so you will be cured whether it is physical or mental disorder. Hypnotherapy is not new in Singapore. In fact, there are many clinics here in Singapore who offers hypnotherapy. If you consider it, be open minded and believe that you can be cured.



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