Health Screening Purpose and Benefits

We need to take care of ourselves because our primary wealth is our health. Proper and nutritious diet, regular exercise and enough rest are the secrets to good health. We also need to take necessary precautions to lessen regrets in the end, and that includes Singapore health screening.

What is the purpose of health screening? Will there be any benefits if we take such precautions? Read more to find out.

Purpose of Health Screening

The main objective of health screening packages is to detect any signs or symptoms of any disease. Health screening packages enable you to be aware of your health risk factors. Thus it is an important purpose of maintaining a good health and disease prevention. Often, health assessments and screenings are conducted regularly. As a preventive measure, this may be done with or without the suspicion of having a particular health problem.

The earlier that a medical problem is identified through health screening, the better chances of getting that patient treated for that particular disease. Comprehensive health screening packages offered in Singapore are indeed important for early detection before the condition gets uncontrollably worse, especially those that are asymptomatic until it reaches a terminal stage.

Benefits of Health Screening

There are certain health problems that are asymptomatic or “silent diseases”. This means that these diseases do not exhibit or produce any symptoms of their existence. What is worse is that these health conditions are usually fatal because they are not detected at earlier stages in which there are still high chances of having them treated or cured in Singapore. Some examples of asymptomatic diseases are cancer, osteoporosis, type II diabetes, coronary artery disease, anemia, and hepatitis C.

Through health screening, an individual who has a high risk factor of having these asymptomatic diseases as well as other symptomatic health problems is informed at an early stage. Because of early detection of the certain possibilities, the person can right away consult medical professionals for preventive measures. This, in turn, is a great benefits in stopping the disease from progressing.

In fact, the total cost of a comprehensive health screening package is less expensive than the cost of medical treatment of the disease itself. With the escalating prices of medicines and expensive hospitalization costs, more and more people are appreciating the benefits of health screening.

What is included in health screenings?

In health screenings, your doctor reviews your family medical history, particularly regarding illnesses that you have previously had. This allows your doctor to make better assessments of your present health condition. Your doctor will also conduct physical examination on you. Furthermore, your doctor will also request you to have certain laboratory tests such as blood and urine tests to help reveal the internal status of your body which is not easily determined with physical examination. You may also have to take X-ray, ECG, ultrasound, and Pap smear for women.