4 Tips to Make Your Home Appealing to Guests


A home that’s well put together appeals to visitors and lingers in their minds long after they have left. Visiting your place will be memorable and easily make them feel at home. Plus, there’s a bonus benefit to making your home look appealing: it’s more inviting for you as well. You look forward to going home after work, and it encourages optimum relaxation at the end of each day.


To achieve this, here are some decorating tips that will help you decorate your home. Though warning, it may make your guests never want to leave.

  1. Start With the Front Door

Do not underestimate the ability of your front door to greet your guests a warm welcome. If your door mat is already worn out, get a brand new one and a cute welcome sign to hang on the door. On the inside, place a large potted plant by the door, if you have extra space. Bringing the nature in is a sure-fire way to get that warm vibes throughout your home.

  1. A Personalized Piece of Decor

If most of your furniture or decor is purchased, featuring a personalized piece adds interest to the space. It brings personality into the room and will surely be a good conversation starter for your visitors. Having a unique piece of decor makes a house look and feel more like a home.


  1. An Inviting Smell

Inviting or neutral smell is the way to go. If you have pet dogs, make sure to be extra mindful of your cleaning habit as dog smell can dominate the smell of your home. Likewise, remove major culprits of bad odour, like rotten fruits and vegetables, dirty laundry and days-old garbage. Don’t just mask the odour with air fresheners, remove them first before using any artificial scents.

  1. Tidy Bathroom

The bathroom and toilet should be tidy and should smell good with subtle scents. There should be enough toilet paper and a hand towel ready for use. Liquid soap should also be readily available for the entire duration of your guests will be around, and a clean garbage bin for any sanitary items that your guests may need to throw away.

Keeping your home organized and clean will make you less anxious about having company around, allowing you to relax and enjoy their presence. Your home does not have to be big and extravagant; it just needs to be clean, warm and inviting for your visitors to appreciate the beautiful abode you live in.


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