5 Natural Remedies for Sweaty Armpits

Sweating is good, but not until you experience it on one of the worst possible areas in your body – your underarms. Not only is it frustrating and embarrassing, excessive armpit sweating often lead to unsightly sweat stains on shirts. Luckily, there are some natural approaches on how you can dry up your sweaty pits and enjoy your social life with confidence.


  1. Wear Loose Clothing Pieces. Although this can’t really stop you from sweating, wearing loose clothes can help in preventing visible sweat stains. Wearing tight clothes that sticks in your underarm will only make you sweat more and make the moisture more noticeable. So opt for loose fitting shirts and don’t forget to apply some antiperspirant.


  1. Wash With Apple Cider Vinegar. Not only is apple cider vinegar great for salad dressings, it also works wonders in stopping underarm sweat, as well as the odour that comes with it. Just apply the vinegar on the affected area at night and let it air dry. Wash it off first thing in the morning, and apply your deodorant as usual.


  1. Use Baking Soda as Homemade Deo. If your deodorant isn’t doing the trick for you, try making a homemade deodorant from baking soda instead. Simply mix a spoonful of baking soda with warm water, add in lavender or vanilla essential oils and spray it on with your deodorant every day. This trick will surely double your protection from excessive sweating.


  1. Drink Tomato Juice. Apart from being beneficial for your health, drinking tomato juice can also serve as a good remedy for your problem. Just drink the juice one straight week and alternately the following week to see some notable changes on your underarm sweating. Don’t like the taste? Then rub the tomato pulp in your underarms instead. It will serve the same purpose as drinking the juice.


  1. Do Steam Baths. Having steam baths is another good remedy for sweaty pits. Not only will it detoxify your body, it’ll also reduce your stress, which might be stimulating excessive sweating. Taking a 15 to 20-minute steam bath in the morning and at night is already enough to manage your underarm sweat problems. Just don’t forget to check the temperature of your steam every bath time to keep your skin from drying.

Having sweaty armpits is really embarrassing. So ensure that you practise proper hygiene and use the right products to keep your underarms from excessively sweating, and smelling.


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