5 Things You Should Never Do When Travelling


Many travel writers always write about what to do, what to bring and must-see attractions on your travels. But what about the things you should not do? There are so many mistakes travellers make that often cause a lot of wasted money, time and opportunities. It’s easy to stick to the right things to do, but oftentimes we forget what should not be done when far away from home.

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So here, we want to share to you some common travel mistakes that are easily avoidable to be able to travel smarter, cheaper and better.

  1. Avoid Money Exchange At Airports

If you don’t, expect to get the worst exchange rates. Your best option is to use a credit or debit card. This will be as close as you can get to interbank rates and ensures that you won’t get scammed. If you’re really in need of cash, have your money exchanged at a bank in the downtown area—that’s where you’ll get better rates and lower transaction fees.

  1. Do Not Rule Out Hostels

Most travellers think that hostels are unclean and smelly, with bedbug-ridden facilities. This is a common stereotype we often see in movies over the years. While hostels used to look and feel that way, nowadays, hostels offer a much better ambiance and facilities due to the tight competition in the industry. Even here in Singapore, many hostels offer complimentary meals, WiFi, laundry facilities, and many additional services for an affordable cost.


  1. Avoid Displays of Affection in Public

If your destination is somewhere in Europe, there’s no need to worry about hugging and kissing in public. However, if you’re going somewhere in the Middle East or in other Asian countries, avoid public display of affection with your beau. Many conservative countries consider displays of affection as a public disturbance, and such acts may result in imprisonment.

  1. Never Go Against Traditions and Culture

Every country has its own unique traditions and culture. When you’re in a foreign land, never do anything that’s against the local people’s practices. For example, always remove your footwear when entering a Buddhist temple or cover your shoulders when going inside a European church. The local people are strong believers of their religion, and every religion should be given the respect it deserves.

  1. Never Leave Home Without a Back-Up Plan

Before leaving home, make sure you have plans in case thieves get away with your bag, money, or passport—or all of the above. Activate the roaming setting on your phone, even if you have no plans of making overseas calls. Keep electronic copies of your travel documents in your email or print out multiple copies and keep one in each of your bag.

Avoiding these travel mistakes will help make you a better and wiser traveller. If you put in more effort—other than just knowing the what-to-dos—you’ll save money and time, as well as save yourself from worries, allowing you to travel more in the future.


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