Lost Your Keys?—What You Should Do Now

You have a lot of things to accomplish today, especially here in Singapore. With so little time, you intended to wake up earlier than the usual so you will be able to attend to every item on your long to-do list. However, as you reach for your keys in your drawer, you find out that they are not there. Now you begin to feel hysteric. What should you do now? Before you call a locksmith, do the following first:


Ask Anyone Who Has Duplicates

Misplaced keys is a common problem people ask locksmith Singapore to help with, so you are not alone in this. The first thing to do is, of course, ask any family member for key copies. In the first place, it is very important that you produce duplicates of your keys, so you have backup in case you lose or misplace them. If you have already duplicated your keys, your locksmith may have kept a spare copy. Ask your locksmith Singapore if you can borrow the duplicates in the meantime until you can find your keys. For future purposes, you can also hide key copies in a secret place in your house.


Recall the Whereabouts of Your Keys

In the event that you have no key duplicates, try to remember where you last saw your keys. Fight anxiety and clear your mind. In this way, you will more likely be able to retrace steps and remember the exact spot where you placed your keys. Most key openers like prosmith the locksmith in Singapore will give you advice that you begin your search in the places you are likely to drop your things the moment you arrive in your Singapore flat. These may be your worktable, bedside table, or cabinet. Or perhaps they are still in the pocket of your pants, which you hanged it at the back of your bedroom door.

Search in Unlikely Places

Especially when you have very active kids at home, your keys might be mistaken as toys. Kids in Singapore are very active and might play with your keys and end up bringing them in unlikely places, such as your medicine cabinet, bookshelf, kitchen cupboards, toolbox, and under the couch. Locksmith Singapore also advice to search in such unlikely spots. Moreover, to avoid losing your keys again, tell your kids not to treat your keys as objects for them to play with. Tell them that they are important and should not be taken from where you left them.


Contact an Experienced Locksmith

When worst comes to worst that you cannot really find your keys and you actually remember dropping them in a crowded place in Singapore, and you also don’t have copies of them, you can contact somebody who is good in locksmithing. Locksmith Singapore can rekey locks—be it in houses, cars, or anything with locks. A locksmith will come to the rescue of those who have lost their keys and those who have been locked out of their cars or houses. Aside from those, locksmiths these days can also do more than just basic metalwork. They can install, repair, and adjust locks in everything—from houses, cars, office buildings. For people who lost their keys, locksmiths do not actually provide the keys that match the existing locks. Instead, they select a new pin combination and perform a basic rebuild of the locks, thus providing new, matching keys.

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