Common Misconceptions about Drinking  


Festive drinking is inevitable here in Singapore come holidays. With this, we are constantly reminded not to drink too much and if it can’t be helped, we are certainly advised not to drive as it can lead to traffic accidents. Drinking is fun but the after effects are not that pleasant.


This article will discuss about the common misconceptions about drinking so we are not ignorant about it. Here are some misconceptions about drinking together with its actual facts:

  • Beer is less intoxicating: There are many alcoholic beverages and among them all, it is said that beer is less intoxicating. This is one of the most common misconceptions. You have to remember that whether it is one twelve-ounce can of beer or four-ounce glass of wine, it is equally intoxicating.
  • Mixing alcoholic beverage will make you drunker: Many people believe that mixing alcoholic beverage will make it worse. You have to know that mixing alcoholic beverage will not make you drunker – it will only upset your stomach.


  • Cold showers or hot coffee can sober up: After getting drunk, the next challenge is how to sober up. You believe that cold showers or hot coffee can sober you up because you heard a friend claim it. This is not true. There is no other way to remove the alcohol from your system except for time.
  • Eating before drinking will sober you up: Another common misconception is that eating a meal before the drink will keep you sober. This is not true. Eating will only delay the body’s absorption of alcohol not prevent it.

Now that we are more educated about drinking, we will know how to deal with it.


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