Finding the Right Cardiologist: Tips and Considerations

In finding a good cardiologist, it’s crucial to choose someone who’s experienced with your specific heart condition. Apart from that, you’ll also need a heart doctor who matches your communication style. The first step towards improving your heart health and establishing a good doctor-patient relationship is by making informed choices – and you can do this by following these easy tips and taking the following factors into consideration.


Tips to Finding a Good Heart Doctor

1. Start With Your Physician’s Recommendation
Depending on where you live in Singapore, you may have hundreds of cardiologists to choose from. In non-emergency situations, your family physician is the best person to ask about whom you should consult for your specific heart condition. Your doctor has interacted with various cardiologists and knows who’s good at what, and can send you to the right person.

2. Check the Cardiologist’s Credentials
Choose a cardiologist Singapore who’s board-certified. Being board-certified in cardiovascular disease means that the specialist has not just studied his field of expertise, but also passed rigorous testing. You can look for the physician’s information like his age, other demographic information and his board certification status on medical websites. Such websites lists a doctor’s treatment specialties, hospital affiliations, as well as mortality outcomes for certain heart conditions and procedures.

3. Check Out Local Heart Specialists
It’s not always necessary to travel to a distant hospital just to get a good heart healthcare. More often than not, local cardiologists are already capable enough to deal with common heart problems such as coronary artery disease when you visit the Harley Street cardiologist who is a well known heart doctor in SIngapore. When you have a heart problem that really needs a specialist, have your local doctor refer you to a distant, but a more capable heart centre and doctor.

4. Communicate Your Needs to Your Heart Doctor
Before going to your first appointment, inform the office staff of your Singapore cardiologist that you’ll need some extra time to speak with the specialist alone. If it so happens that the doctor isn’t around, ask about who covers him when he’s not available, how busy the practice is, as well as other issues that concern you about your heart condition or the procedure you’re planning to have. Getting a regular heart healthcare can go for the rest of your life, which is why it’s important that you’re comfortable and are able to clearly communicate your needs to your specialist.

5. View Cardiologist Online Reviews With Scepticism
Online reviews of cardiologists from their previous patients can be helpful, but never choose a specialist based solely on these reviews. Oftentimes, skilled cardiologists get lesser positive reviews because of things like parking hassles and office wait times. So make sure that you check all the online reviews about your prospective heart doctor.

6. Choose the Right Specialist Based on Your Needs
Solely relying on recommendations from family and friends isn’t always a good idea, since their need for a cardiologist might differ from yours. You don’t necessarily have a ‘family’ cardiologist because everyone doesn’t have the same heart problem. So choose a heart specialist with the best track record and experience with your particular heart condition.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Heart Specialist

• Credentials. Naturally, a doctor’s credentials are important. Cardiologists are usually certified in various subspecialties like interventional or nuclear cardiology. One of the best places to find a cardiologist Singapore with the right credentials is through your state’s medical board. Here, you’ll find important information about the specialist’s medical school, training hospital, certifications, specialties, disciplinary history, and malpractice settlements (if there are any).

• Location.
The cardiologist’s location is another important thing to consider. Remember that when choosing a heart doctor, you’re also choosing a hospital – so do consider the quality and reputation of the hospital’s cardiology department. It can be really tempting to choose a heart specialist from a well-known hospital in Singapore, but it may not necessarily meet your medical needs. A smaller practice might already be enough to provide you with the heart care that best suits your heart condition and needs.

• Experience. Apart from credentials and location, you should also consider the cardiologist’s expertise and experience with cases similar to yours. He or she should be proficient in the treatment procedure or technology you’re considering to use. Also, find out how many times they’ve performed a treatment procedure you’re a candidate for. Remember that your chances of having a successful operation greatly increases if you choose a specialist who performs your chosen procedure regularly.

• Communication. Credentials and experience go a long way, but having a personal rapport with your physician is also as important. Consider the doctor’s willingness to answer all of your queries, as well as how comfortable you feel with him or her during your consultation period. If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions, or if your specialist doesn’t seem to focus his or her attention to your needs during your visit, then consider choosing a different heart specialist.

• Your Insurance.
Finally, consider whether or not the practice or hospital will accept your insurance. Also, find out the types of payments they accept, and if whether or not they’ll file the insurance claims for you.

Thoroughly researching about your candidate heart doctors beforehand will surely give you the confidence of knowing that you’ve made the right decision. Just remember to also consider the aforementioned factors in choosing the right Singapore cardiologist for you.


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