General Practices for Treating Cramped Muscles

If we overuse our muscles, we will suffer from cramps. Cramps are characterized by spasm-the contraction of muscles. The pain will last for a few minutes but there are cases that it will last longer (about 24 hours). The intensity of the pain really depends on the activity but it is treatable. If we feel pain or any discomfort, it is important that we get to work before it gets out of control. We can execute the following ways to treat cramped muscles:


Consider compression or massage

Applying cold compression to the affected area can lessen inflammation thereby permitting the muscle to relax. If we prefer massage, masseurs can do the trick.

Stretching exercises

If we are set for an exercise, it is crucial that we conduct warm up and cool down exercises. If we have cramps, stretching exercises can help.

Look for liniments or balms and if it can’t be helped, purchase medications

Liniments can reduce the soreness and pain we are feeling. If we are not satisfied, it is time to consider over-the-counter medications like Midol or Pamprin. If we want to make sure, we can first ask our doctor for the right medications.


Get enough rest and drink a lot of fluids

The muscles need to heal so let’s give time for rest. We also experience cramps when there’s dehydration. The best way to deal with dehydration is to drink a lot of fluids. If we can find an electrolyte drink (Pedialyte), we should drink it.

If cramps do not subside for a few days, better see the doctor

Persistent cramps may be a symptom of other illnesses. It is better to consult the doctor and listen to what they have to say.

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