How to Keep Calm Amidst Stressful Situations


Remember that the difference between success and failure is your ability to keep calm amidst stressful and difficult situations. It is normal to panic and be anxious when faced with stressful and difficult situation but if you continue to act like that and no actions taken, you will surely fail. Successful people here in Singapore already mastered the art of keeping calm amidst stressful situations.


It is time that you know how to keep calm. According to a research, the brain will work best if it is in a “moderate state of arousal”. In this state, the brain is not too calm or not too stressed. In the workplace, you will encounter stressful situations all the time and the fact that you are still in the company proves that you already mastered the art of keeping calm.

For newbies, here are some tips on keeping calm amidst stressful and difficult situations:

  • Settle down in the moment: If you already feel stressed, you need to stop what you are doing in the moment and take deep breaths. Try counting to ten and take three to five deep breaths at the same time. After, you should take your break. While on break, try to relax muscles. When you are stressed, muscles tend to tighten and tense.


  • Identify the stressor: One effective way to deal with any stressful situation is to identify the stressor first. From there, you can infer and stop whatever that is causing it. Once you identified the stressor, you can eliminate it and focus on the job at hand.


  • Take it easy: You tend to stress out and feel anxious because you constantly challenge yourself to be better. There is nothing wrong if you constantly beat yourself but it can be a cause of everything unpleasant.


  • Choose your response or situation: When you face stressful situations, you can choose to change your response or the situation. If you have to power to change the situation, you should do it at once. However, if you are powerless to change any, the least thing that you can do is to choose your response. Should you succumb to it or focus on other pleasant things? It is always up to you.


  • Stop delaying: You procrastinate because you feat the results or the outcome then this will lead to anxiety and stress eventually failure. Do not get too wrapped up with your fears and begin taking actions. You have to remind yourself that sometimes you cannot control situations or outcomes. Instead of sulking, take actions.


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