Important Information About LASIK

If you think you’re smart enough or perhaps you’re a lasik surgeon and you know all about lasik procedure, then think again. Some doctors or surgeons know almost the entire specifications of laser in-situ keratomileusis (lasik) but they don’t really know the full details if it or perhaps they don’t remember it anymore. These medical experts sometimes rely on their books before they proceed to any surgical procedure (which is good).

On the other hand, if you are just an average guy claiming that you know more or less everything about lasik, then think a million times. Everything in lasik can be simplified by a person but nobody can perfect its medical terms unless he’s a superhuman. Apparently, they say that everything about lasik can be learned by you but it takes years to know all the important facts about lasik. To sum it up, these are the basic information you must know about lasik procedure.


1.       You need to identify your doctor

Lasik is performed by registered and experienced surgeons. It is important to know who your doctors are if he is from clear vision lasik in Singapore to be sure with the results. A lot of them are in Singapore and they are very dedicated to help their patients regarding the status of the eyes.

2.       You must know your eye difficulties

Before going to the doctor, know what problems you are suffering like difficulty in looking at far or perhaps near objects. Even if you do not have any idea about what a clear vision laser surgery is, there are lasik Singapore eye center that teaches their patients about everything that one must know about laser surgery.  In fact, they provide one-on-one counselling on what are the scenarios that might happen during and after the operation.

3.       Be ready for anything that might happen

There are times that you may not know what would really happen after the surgery. So, basically visit your doctor everyday for safety purposes. You will not definitely know if your eyes would improve or not. That is why it is better to go for daily check-ups after the surgery as this will increase its effectivity.

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4.       You must know yourself

Before deciding to undergo a clear vision epi-lasik procedure, identify first yourself. Do you accept anything that might happen? In Singapore, there some lasik patients that still wear eyeglasses even if they finish the procedure (rare cases).  Many people as well as surgeons on different lasik Singapore eye care centers believe that this method is proven effective and it’s true. However, the reason why it is not effective to some people is because they don’t follow what the doctors say on how care about their eyes.

Lastly, you must know what the risks of laser surgery are because this is not just a simple procedure like stitching the wound. This is a surgery which includes the eyes and no person will allow anything that might happen to his eyes (even a little scratch).

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