Patiently Handling Fussy Eaters


They say that when you have a child that eats almost anything on the table without complaining, you are lucky. That is true because not all children here in Singapore are versatile. Some children are fussy eaters and parents are oftentimes stressed because of this. Have you heard about fussy eating? It is time that you know it.

There is a difference between picky eaters and fussy eaters. Picky eaters are very choosy about what they eat. In fact, they are often called “food neophobia” which refers to an individual’s unwillingness to eat sew foods to the point of rejecting it. As a result, children just eat limited range of foods. Fussy eaters describe those you reject foods one day then like it the next time.

Fussy eating is normal for kids but it doesn’t mean you have to let it be. Here are some ways on handling fussy eaters:

  • Make mealtimes different: For fussy eaters, mealtimes are boring and ordinary. If they can hide away from it, they would have. As a parent, the best thing that you can do is to make their mealtimes happy. That sounds easy but in fact it is not. Whenever you serve new dishes, praise your children for giving it a chance.

  • Be realistic: You just want what is best for you children but sometimes you have to set realistic goals so it is easier to handle. In this case, do not demand that your children eat the vegetables or new food. If they considered it, do not forget to praise them for tasting it.


  • Ignore it most of the time: Kids will fuss about their food to see if you can yield. You have to stand firm on your ground so you will not be shaken. If you see that your children are fussing about the food, do not mind them.


  • Make it fun and creative: Sometimes kids just look at the food and they think it is boring and not tasty hence the fussing. If you make it fun and creative for them, they will surely look forward to every meal time. For example, cut vegetables into fascinating shapes. You can also ask your kids to help during preparation.

When eating, as much a possible no distractions should be present like TV, smartphone, tabs and the like. As a parent, it would be wise not to tolerate your kids’ fussiness over food because it can often arise to difficult things. Let it slide once or twice but never all the time.

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