Reintroducing a Set Bedtime Routine


You are not a child anymore so the bedtime routine do not apply to you now. It is not like your parents will scold or punish you because you are not following the set bedtime routine ever since you were small. You are old enough to know the importance of sleep and how lack of it can affect your productivity and relationships. Many Singaporeans however fail to recognize the importance of setting a bedtime routine.

You just know that sleep is essential as it can improve physical, mental and emotional well-being. Setting bedtime routine is truly beneficial however the challenge here is consistency. It is crucial that you have same snooze rituals so your body will stick to it. Consistency will no longer be the problem.

Remember that the lack of routine will cause fatigue and lethargy as the body is still confused and at times it can result to weight gain. In the case of people who oversleep, they have the tendency to exercise less and follow poor dietary patterns. To help re-introduce a set bedtime routine, here are some tips that you can consider:

  • Set an alarm: The body has a biological clock (also called circadian rhythm) but it can be distorted if you abuse it. It is high time that you consider a nocturnal deadline. For example, if you want to sleep at 10pm, you should set your alarm at 9:30pm so it will remind your body to get ready.

  • Maintain bedtime rituals: Others take a bath while some read a book. Whatever activity that can help you doze off is good. It is important that you establish a regular bedtime ritual so it will become a habit. It is crucial that you prepare the mind and body for rest. Actually, you will have a restorative sleep if you allow the body to relax before actually sleeping.


  • Avoid blue lights: As much as possible, do not touch your smart phone when you are about to sleep. The blue light emitted from the device will stimulate dopamine which in return disrupts the biological clock. If you can, turn off everything after leaving the office but if it cannot be help, check emails or the social media ninety minutes before you go to bed.

Remember that if you are consistent and used to it, you will not need any alarm to wake you up every morning. Your body will serve as your clock and it can never go wrong. Sleep should be prioritized and you have to implement a set bedtime routine for the family.

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