Take a Sip: Different Drinks to Enjoy Your Summer

Summer is finally here and the best way to beat it- summer refreshments or drinks. Walking under the sun is more fun when we have something to drink and nibble.

The good thing about summer drinks is that it can be made in the comforts of our house. As long as we have the blender, fruit, ice, milk and other ingredients, we can make anything we want. To begin our summer, we can create simple blends.



Lemonade is the classic way to enjoy our summer. To make this classic drink, we only need lemons, water, sugar and ice. The first thing to do is squeeze the lemon, add the water and the sugar. You can put it in the refrigerator or you can serve it with ice.

Juice Drinks

Famous juice drinks include watermelon and pina colada slushes. For watermelon slushie, you only need seeded watermelon, ice and honey. You need a blender to crush the ice. After that, add and blend the melon until you achieve the texture you want. Lastly, add the honey and blend it again for ten more seconds.


For pina colada slushie, you need fresh pineapples, pineapple juice, cream of coconut and ice cubes. Prepare your pineapple by slicing it into cubes. Crush the ice first and mix the remaining ingredients.

Iced Coffees

If you are a coffee addict but you don’t want it hot, iced coffee is your best shot. Making iced coffee is not that hard because like other refreshments, you just need to mix all ingredients. Basically you only need instant coffee granules, sugar, warm water and cold milk.

Look for a container that you can use to mix your coffee, sugar and warm water. Shake it until it is foamy then pour it into a glass full of ice. Then finally you can add cold milk.

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