Taking Good Care of Your Kidneys

Many people fail to notice, and some even deliberately ignore, the importance of their kidney. Our kidneys are unique organs that remove waste products from the body. Failure to remove such waste products can lead to life threatening illnesses. Kidneys also regulate the amount of fluids in the body. Together with other organs like the bladder, urethra and ureters, the kidney comprises the urinary system.

If you have healthy kidneys, your body will get rid of waste products efficiently and effectively. But if you are suffering from a kidney disease, you should seriously think about taking good care of your functioning and remaining kidney. Fortunately, even a single kidney can perform the job without the other one. Please consider the following care tips:


1. Watch what you eat

You have to watch what you eat. An ideal diet includes large amounts of fruits and vegetables. There are fruits and vegetables that are not advisable though. Restrain your consumption of peanuts, chocolate, potatoes, spinach, etc. Ultimately, you have to decrease salt intake.

2. Drink lots of water

If you want a healthy kidney, you should drink plenty of water. This simple act can save your kidneys. Water assists the kidneys to cleanse the toxins in the body.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercising is not just for developing muscles. Exercising regularly also contribute to overall wellbeing, including that of our kidneys. Exercising heightens the body’s metabolism.

4. Avoid smoking and alcohol

If you are smoking you should stop or learn to avoid it. Smoking can contribute to various kidney diseases. If you are drinking too much, you are straining your kidney to work harder. Limit your drink to spare your kidneys extra work.

Good news for kidney donors here in Singapore: the NKF (National Kidney Foundation) is doubling its coverage. The insurance increased from S$100000 to S$200000. This is a big help for donors who are in need.

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