What Does a Locksmith Do?

Ever wondered what a locksmith does to unlock the door to your apartment, duplicate a key, or fix broken locks? Here is a brief overview of the processes and techniques included in locksmith services.

• Bypassing or Picking. If you need to unlock the door to your apartment without damaging the locks, you can call a locksmith to either bypass or pick locks using warded keys and alteration of the mechanism, respectively. Warded keys are similar to skeleton keys which are bypassed in the lock mechanism. While combination locks can be bypassed by recording resistance points. Later, the locksmith will be able to repair a lock with less damage. Picking alters the locking mechanism completely but there is a higher chance that the locks will be destroyed. This is done through the use of a pick and torque wrench.

• Key Cutting. The primary locksmith service you will find in any locksmith shop is the cutting of keys for virtually any type of mechanical lock. A key maker can cut keys through the following methods: machine cutting, hand-cutting, and creation of restricted and security keys. Additionally, they can also be relied upon to make locks for windows and doors and to change broken door lock in Singapore that has been damaged through forced entry. They can also perform home key cutting and even do lock installation for UPVC windows and doors commonly found in small apartment units. If, however, the locks have been damaged by a burglar, the locksmith will usually recommend a new set of locks to avoid further tampering.

• Safe Installation. A trusted locksmith services company in Singapore can also install and fit any type of security safe for your home or office. To make sure you get quality work, look for a professional locksmith who specialized in safes and vaults of any size and type. The same locksmith should be able to help with the repair, supply, and relocation of the safe if needed.

• Auto Locksmith. A trusted car locksmith can not only help you unlock car doors in case you lost of forgot your keys, but they are also equipped to cut, program, reprogram, repair, and replace any type of mechanical or digital car key. Modern car keys are very difficult to replace because each is programmed and designed for specific models, even down to the specific unit. Only a professional 24 hour locksmith have the technology to bypass such standards.

• Impressioning. Another method to bypass a lock without destroying it is to use impressioning. A cheap locksmith will insert a blank key and manipulated so as to leave impressions. Then, the blank key is filed and inserted several times until the correct impression is achieved.

• Access Control. Professional locksmiths are also licensed to install security systems for residential complexes and offices. These include pin, card, and biometric door access systems that might be difficult to install, specify, supply, and troubleshoot without the help of experts.

• Emergency. Locksmith services can help with emergency situations such as car lockouts. A professional has all the tools to unlock car doors if you have left your child or pet inside, or if you need to unpick your lock to the apartment without damaging the lock through forced entry. Always keep the contact details of a trusted 24 hour locksmith for such situations.

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