Your Next Travel Destination Based on Pantone’s Color Of The Year


It is the year of the Rooster. The Rooster is 10th in the famous Chinese zodiac. Lucky colors are said to be gold, brown and yellow. However, color experts see that the trend for 2017 is neither gold nor yellow. According to Pantone Color Institute, the color for 2017 will be greenery. Greenery is symbolic as it means new beginnings or fresh start. It is a revitalizing and refreshing shade.

Green is also an emblem of personal pursuit for vitality and passion. With this in mind, you have to visit places where it is abundant. There are many travel destinations outside Singapore where greenery is abundant. Here is the list:

  • Charleston: Charleston is in South Carolina, United States. It is actually named as the Best City in the World. If greenery is what you seek, you have to see the Spanish moss on the southern part of the state.


  • New Zealand: New Zealand is famous for its rolling green hills. It is time that you actually see it for yourself. Visit the Westland Tai Poutini National Park.


  • Iceland: When you hear Iceland, the first thing that comes to your mind is iceberg and the cold but you have to give the place chance to prove itself. Iceland has in fact many landscapes and yes, greenery lies. However you have to check which time of the year is best to witness their lush.


  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica is famous for its diversity. It offers natural charm and beauty that offers tons of activities for nature lovers as well as adventure lovers.

  • Portland: Portland is a city in the state of Oregon. If you visit United States, Portland should never be missed because of its remarkable waterfall surrounded by shades of green. The Silver Falls State Park is just less than two hour drive from the city proper.


  • Palau: Micronesia is becoming famous because of its diversity. Come to Nikko Bay and then be amazed with greens together with some blues.


  • Mongolia: Mongolia is nearer than other places mentioned here. In Mongolia, you will be treated with the vastness of grasslands. Make sure to visit during summer as the land is full of lush.


  • Bali: Bali is famous for its pristine beaches but it does not stop there. Bali is in fact home to The Sacred Monkey Forest. It is a nature reserve plus a Hindu temple complex. Many people visit the forest for pilgrimage and worship.


  • Peru: Peru is undoubtedly filled with lush greenery. You can visit the Machu Picchu plus the Man National Park.

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