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Variations of Art Halls

Art halls, such as art museums art galleries, generally contain different art pieces that highlight the beauty and culture of different places in the world. The type of art found in art halls can vary a wide variety of medium, such as paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photography. The purpose of these galleries is to compile and show off the greatness of local and national artists in a way that the audiences will want to buy them.


If there are works that can be sold, others are for viewing purposes only. Because of this, variations are formed for the people to know where to go for what purpose. To know more about these, here are the two major variations of art halls.

Art Museum
Art museums are usually owned by the government and are not for making profits, but rather preserving and displaying art works from different local and national artists. They are the most common destinations for school field trips and educational tours, where lecturers further discuss the different things that lie behind every piece. The main reason why art museums exist is to educate people about the things that links the past and the present through works of art, such as painting, sculptures, and literary pieces. Unlike art galleries, the pieces displayed in art museums are purely for viewing purposes alone.

Art Galleries
Art galleries serve the purpose of selling artworks rather than just displaying it. The type of galleries has almost the same count as there are types of art. Though many art galleries such as Vinci abstract painting singapore are in the business to offer pretty much whatever kind of art is available, there are also others that specialize in one type of art. Some galleries in Singapore offer only modern art or local art. Some offer themed art, such as wildlife art or historical art. There are also some that specialize in national or regional art and some that only offer religious art pieces. For example, Gajah Gallery is an art gallery Singapore that specializes in the diverse socio-cultural interests of Asia.


Furthermore, there are also different types of commercial art galleries, which are the co-op galleries and rental galleries. Rental galleries are paid spaces by artists who want to sell their art pieces, while co-op gallery is usually owned by a group of artists who share expenses in order for the gallery to operate in exchange for the chance to exhibit their work in it.

Regardless of the type of art gallery, the main purpose of art galleries is not just to have the pieces viewed by the public, nor done for art appreciation or purely educational purposes, but to sell, make income and profits.
They are not made to sound overly insensitive and obtuse, but to support the artists by exhibiting their work, make a living, and further preserve the beauty of their culture through paintings and art works. With all these, it has been concluded by many that art museums are the places for arts of the past and art galleries are the places for the art of the future.