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Why You Should Clean Your Curtains Today (And Regularly)

Curtain cleaning services have sprouted all over Singapore and have since become a blessing, whether you own an establishment or are just a private individual who wants clean pieces of cloth to hang on his windows. But have you ever wondered the reasons why there are so many of these establishments, and why it’s so important to have your curtains regularly cleaned?

Here are some reasons why:

1. Curtains are really good at absorbing dust, dirt, and all kinds of smells from all around the house or office areas. It even absorbs smells like coffee, food, aroma and cigarette smoke. This leaves curtains smelling less than fragrant and sometimes even with unsightly stains.
It’s easy to forget all about the curtains once they’re hanged. Tasks like cleaning kitchen counters and curtain cleaning may be tedious, but they have to be done regularly. Because curtains need way less attention, they tend to be overlooked – and then you finally notice them one day, and not only do they look dirty, they have also become smelly.

Eventually, these smells will accumulate and your home or room will be filled by a funny smell. This is something you obviously don’t want – but it’s more than just the smell, because…
All that dust and dirt that sticks to your curtains will make its way to the air you breathe – unless you clean your curtain or go for good curtain washing at a curtain laundry service. Couple that with the fact that they are easily ignored in the household, and you and your family members are at risk of many ailments, such as asthma, allergies, or even headaches and fatigue.

You should consider curtain cleaning more if you live by the shoreline, especially in Singapore, because your curtains can accumulate salty grime and other things such as mold spores and algae are likely to stick between the beadings, embroidery, or other nooks and crannies, if your curtains have those.

Young children and infants are especially susceptible because of their under-developed immune systems. Each year, a lot of money that goes to hospital bills could instead be saved if the curtains are regularly sent to a curtain laundry service. Not only will it lighten improve budget, but…

2. It will also lighten up your house. Literally. You’d be surprised what happens when you wash them at least once every three months. This will keep them in good condition, extending the life of the curtains and ensuring that they look and smell clean. Other than that, you will start to see visible changes in your home, even when you simply change the curtains.

For one, your place will feel brighter and fresher, not just from smell, but also from just looking at the new curtains. Change is always a welcome sight, and this is especially true for curtains that have been hanging by the windows for months.

Second, by regularly changing your curtains, you also keep yourself and your family free from potential health risks. This means that they will be a lot healthier and their moods and dispositions will improve. You might even consider opening the windows to let more light in.
To save time and effort, you can opt for the curtain laundry service – there are many of those in Singapore – or…

3. You can also do it yourself at home. Surprisingly, curtains are low-maintenance and only need to be cleaned regularly, at least once every three months, or even once a month at the most if your place has a special knack for accumulating all kinds of smells, dirt, and dust. Many curtains are machine washable and can be easily tossed in the laundromat if they’re made of a sturdy fabric.

However, if your curtains are lined, made of silk, linen or other sensitive fabrics, or include any form of beading or embroidery, you’ll need to have them professionally dry cleaned. This is because water, heat and friction associated with machine washing may all cause the fabric to shrink, fade, or be damaged in other ways.

If you’re going to machine-wash your curtains, do take the time to remove the hooks, rings, and other hardware, and use a short gentle cycle with cold water. Use a mild laundry powder or detergent – use colored for colored curtains, and white if the fabric is white. Tumble drying is okay, but always do it over a low speed. It’s much safer to dry them out in the sun.
You can also keep your curtains in good shape with the following:

• Weekly – Shake your curtains to get the dust off of them. Wait for the dust to settle before dusting the nearby furniture. Once the dust has settled, vacuum the floor and keep the dust from returning to them every time someone walks through the room.

• Monthly – Use your vacuum’s dust brush attachment to clean curtains from top to bottom. Start with the top of the curtain because this is where most of the dust accumulates. Avoid the upholstery attachment – the teeth might snag and destroy the fabric.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or can’t use it at home, you can also remove the dust from the curtains by running them through the dryer on a “no heat” setting for 10 minutes. Remove promptly and remember to rehang immediately to prevent wrinkling your curtains.