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6 ways to manage stress

Regardless of the field of profession you are in, you can’t get away from stress. It’s ever-present and the sooner you accept it as an inevitable, the more resilient you are whenever it strikes.

So take a break from all those rants about to burst from their seams. Here are a few ways to help you finally tame those stresses that just can’t seem to stop:

1. Exercise
Not many people are aware of this, but exercise is an effective stress buster. It actually makes you happy as you sweat those stresses out. When you exert effort and actually sweat, your brain produces neurotransmitters called Serotonin which stimulates a happy mood. It helps keep your mood in neutralizing levels, making your stress tolerable and at bay. So make sure to keep your exercise routine active and well within your regular schedule so you stay psychologically healthy as well.

2. Sleep more and sleep well
Not only is the number of hours you sleep important, but even the quality it has. Doesn’t mean you slept 8 hours is a good indicator in itself. Whether those 8 hours were uninterrupted and well-slept sets the distinction altogether. So make sure to get good quality hours of sleep and you’ll find your stressors manageable and conquerable. Your brain sees perspective of things way better when it has a good night’s sleep.

3. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and sugars
There are some type of food you should refrain from, no matter how strong the urge is to stress eat. You might want to hold off on one more cup of coffee or a few more cigarettes than your usual. Both contain substances that are stimulants by nature and could worsen the stress you feel. Alcohol is also tricky when you’re stressed. Contrary to what most people do, alcohol is actually a depressant when taken in large amounts. Refined sugars are also a no-no when you’re stressed. These are mostly found in manufactured and savory food such as salad dressings and bread. They cause energy crashes which cause you to feel irritable and tired.

4. Write it down
Most of our stresses just need a good outlet with which we can find our long-wanted release. So to take the burden out of other people, we might want to write them down instead. Find a nuke free from disturbances and you can release your stress one word at a time.

5. Talk to someone you trust
You may or may not seek professional help when you feel you’re about to drown from all the stress. But more importantly, talk to someone you trust, be it a professional or not. Sometimes we just need to vent out the pressure and just someone to be there for us.

6. Let go
If you find yourself saying yes to tasks you barely have time for, then hold up that nod and think twice. You only have one body, and time isn’t always on your side. So let go of some burdens you unnecessarily take upon yourself. Manage your time well, and if some things just don’t make the cut then let them go. If people stress you out, the same principle applies as long as you don’t put your life at stake by doing so. Endure the discomfort of the temporary change, and in the long run you’ll find yourself much more relaxed than before.

3 Tips to Enhance Your Memory

Have you experience finding something that you know that you have it? Having difficulties in finding your wallet? keys? Forgot the way to the market? That’s a sign of low memory. Although, there are some point in time that a normal person will suffer to this scenario.


In reality, there are no assurances that something to prevent memory loss as one of the causes of it is aging. However, there are some tips to sharpen the memory. By following the simple and effective tips below, you will be amazed with what it can do to you:


  • Be Mentally Fit: Like being physically fit by performing daily exercises, it is also good to perform mental exercises like solving crossword puzzle or Sudoku. Also, you can read magazines or newspapers. Moreover, you can read books regularly.
  • Keep in Touch with People Around You: Since stress is one thing that may cause memory loss, it is better to socialize to people ad it would lessen the stress in your daily lives. Get in touch with them. Laugh with them and talk to them like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Organize All Your Belongings: It has been proven that once a room is not well-organized, there are tendencies that you will forget where you place the important things that you needed most. To avoid this, make a small note and place it on your door. Also, put the essential things like wallet, IDs and special documents wherein you can easily see it.


How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Deciding is not an easy task especially if there are a lot of things you need to consider. Your decisions will always have an implication and it can also affect someone directly or indirectly. With that, it is crucial that you know how to weigh things especially here in Singapore where things happen so fast that you have no time to spare for thinking. Unfortunately, not all people here in Singapore are blessed with the skills of making good decisions.


If you lack the skills to make good decisions, you can refer to the tips provided below. It can help you improve your decision making skills. Here are some tips worth mentioning:

  • Think of opportunity cost: Opportunity cost is taught in school. For sure you have an idea what it means or stands. You should look for an alternative that will yield greater returns. For example, if you are thinking about shopping, your only option would be to buy it or not when in fact there are other options like saving it up for a vacation. Whenever you decide, you have to consider the thing that you can derive more returns or satisfaction.
  • Multitrack: They say that more heads are better than one. That is true when you are making a decision. If you manage a company and you need to decide on something, delegate the task to many groups because more options mean more solutions.



  • Look outside of the box: Conventional decisions are sometimes unsuccessful. There are times that unconventional ideas are successful because they are infused with fresh and extraordinary ideas. When making a decision, it is helpful to look outside of the box.
  • Honour priorities: If you have troubles making a decision, it is advisable to honour your priorities. Before thinking of solutions, you have to think first of what you are hoping to gain. This will become your priorities. Let your priorities be your guide.
  • Think of the future: It was mentioned a while ago that decisions will always have an implication. With that being said, it is significant that you plan for various outcomes.

It is natural to be confused when you are faced with something but if you improved your decision making skills, things will be lighter. Perhaps the key here is to get the support of your family, friends and loved ones. Sometimes, you need the ideas of other people and incorporate it in yours to make it work. Value the ideas of the people around you because it can make a difference at the end of the day.


Coping with the Stealing Addiction

There are people who suffer an undesirable disorder – Kleptomania. If you have this disorder, the urge to steal things prevails. The stolen stuffs can be hoarded or simply discarded after the act. Regardless, this is not a good disorder. You may think that this not serious but you should be reminded that it can taint your reputation if you are caught. It is important that while it is early, you control your urges.


Controlling your urges to steal is not that easy. It needs your discipline and self control but if you are successful, it means freedom from the reins of this undesirable disorder. You do not wish to be like this but the urge is too powerful for you, right? No matter how strong it is, you need to stop it right away. Here’s how:

Learn about your disorder

You need to learn about your disorder. Reading about your disorder can help you understand yourself better. You can read a book about it or better yet, scan the internet for more information. It helps if you a lot about what you are going through so you will know how to proceed.

Seek help

Other Kleptomaniacs think that they do not deserve help because they feel guilty. It is crucial that you share your burden so you can be free. The first thing that you need to do is look for a psychiatrist or psychologist. Counselling can make a difference.


Write it down

Writing therapy can be the first step of your improvement. You have to spend time so you can write your stealing history. In your paper, you should include your feelings every time you steal something, stealing episodes and many things.


It is during your silent moments when you see the whole picture. Take time to reflect on your disorder so you will understand yourself more. If you reflect more, you will uncover the things that compel you to steal. It is important that you do not feel powerless in the face of Kleptomania.


Distracting yourself is classic but it will never fail you. When you feel an urge or impulse, you should think or do other things. You need to consider things that will make you busy. For example, you can engage in physical activities like exercising. You can also engage in sports and many more.

It is important that you tell your family and friends about your disorder so they can help you. It is hard to admit it but if you are surrounded with supportive and positive people, they will accept you and try their best to help you overcome your disorder.