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Six Storage Areas in Your HDB Flat You’re Probably Not Using

HDB flats are the cheap housing option in Singapore, but just because a space is a little cozy doesn’t mean you’re using the space as efficiently as you can. In fact, there’s a good chance there are still some spaces you’re missing out on.

Here are the five storage areas in your HDB flat that you’re probably not using enough:

The space above your bed

The space directly above your bed is the most under-utilized space in your entire home, and you want to make a shelf over your head for two reasons: (1) it can be a decorative space for paintings, houseplants, and decorative accessories; and (2) it can be a practical storage space (i.e. books, boxes for other stuff).

Overhead bed shelves can also work for your kids’ rooms, as long as they don’t fall over or bump their heads every time they try to reach for something.

The space under your bed

Under your bed is another useful storage area just waiting for you to use to its fullest advantage. Just because it’s dusty doesn’t mean you can’t use it for stowing stuff away – all you need is a vacuum cleaner and the right storage containers and you’re good to go!

Behind your door

The space behind your door has more utility than simply installing a coat rack. When you build a shelf in this area just the right way, you don’t need to worry about stuff getting knocked over every time it swings open.

Add a clothes rod to your floating shelves

Already have a floating shelf or two installed? Make them even more useful by bolting a clothes rod directly underneath that shelf for easy access for your clothes, including uniforms or your work attire.

Overhead space

Floating shelves and cabinets installed on the upper parts of your walls clear up much more space than a standard shelf. Instead of taking up floor space, they can be bolted to any height you want.

Unlike ordinary shelves and cabinets, floating shelves give you better options in customizing your storage space that emphasize on both aesthetics and functionality.

Consider a Self-Storage Company for Your Storage Needs

If you just don’t have enough space in your home, you have two options to manage your belongings: donate the things you don’t need, or call in the help of a self-storage company to provide a reliable storage option for your belongings.   

Self-storage comes in many different options depending on the space that you need. Some options offer the space of a walk-in closet or a child’s room, while others can be as big as a one-car garage or even a two-car garage.

Top Spots with the Best Firework Views


Some people travel here in Singapore to experience world-class celebration of New Year’s Eve. As locals, we have to be proud and maximize it. This coming New Year’s Eve, what is your plan? As we bid 2015 goodbye and welcome 2016, fireworks are fitting. Without a doubt, celebrating New Year here in Singapore is one of the best places here on earth.


The city will be heavily decorated not to boast of its affluence but to give joy to people and its visitors. It is for the sheer pleasure of seeing fairy lights and fireworks. There are many places that will give us a good time but if we want to join the main events or the highlights, we have to know where to head. Here are the top spots with the best firework views:

  • Siloso Beach: The most popular place to party is the Siloso Beach. New Year countdown is one of the most special events so it will be welcomed with non-stop music not to mention fireworks when the clock hits 12am. The beach is popular because of its gigantic foam pool and the 1.2 kilometre stretch of beach.
  • Universal Studios: If you are within Sentosa, the best views will be coming from the Universal Studios. If you want to get the best spot, it is imperative that you book tickets in advance to avoid any troubles.

Universal Orlando's new Cinematic Spectacular show is a tribute to Universal's 100 years of film-making history. It will highlight some of the most fun, dramatic, awe-inspiring moments from Universal Picture's most iconic films - shown in crystal-clear clarity on huge waterfall screens within the Universal Studios lagoon. The show will take guests on a journey of epic cinematic moments filled with heroes, horror, laughter, good vs. evil and triumph - all against a backdrop of light, sound and special effects.

  • Marina Bay: Most of the people are gathered in Marina Bay to enjoy the fireworks as well as party in public space. There is no booking fee. All you need to do is come there at the earliest hours to take your spot and finally enjoy the fireworks celebration come 12am.
  • Singapore Flyer: This Ferris wheel is in fact the tallest in the world surpassing the London Eye. Its height will surely give you the best firework view. Since it is close to numerous restaurants and hotel, it is imperative that you book in advance.
  • Clarke Quay: If you want to celebrate the New Year smoothly, the best place to head is Clarke Quay. Clarke Quay will offer quieter celebrations but it doesn’t mean it is all that boring. There are really those who prefer solitude than the crowd.

If you want to join the New Year countdown, it is better to head to these places early before it gets hard to move around. If at the end of the day you want to celebrate the New Year in safety of your house, you can still get the best view through your window.


Advantages of Riding a Bus in Singapore

Bus is one of the major mode of public transportation in the country. It is very important to all citizen’s here because if buses are not around, it would be very difficult for many Singaporeans to commute around the country. Not all people in the country have their own cars even if you say that the country is among the richest nation in Southeast Asia.


No Upfront Cost

Basically, there are Singaporeans who choose to ride a bus rather than buy their own car. This is because when they buy a car, they believe that it is more costly because then they would have to spend for its maintenance, as well as the gasoline.

Less Regular Cost

Riding a bus maybe a little bit tiring. However, you can see the advantages of it when it comes to expenses. Actually, you can save more when you ride a bus. If you compare it to riding on your own car, you will spend more on its monthly maintenance and gasoline.


Meet New People

Moreover, bus riding can be fun, especially when you meet different types of people. You may encounter strict passengers when you ride at it; you may have the chance to gain friends and you also meet so many people which can help you whenever you are in need. Of you are a solid commuter of a bus, you will be more likely to have discount.

Also, there are bus companies that give free ride to all its customers and it would be very beneficial.


Simple Guides for Singaporean Students to Answer Test Easily

Taking the test is somewhat showing your mental capability to understand the subject or the lesson that is discussed. Most test questionnaires include fill in the blanks, multiple choice, true or false, identification, essay writing and more. Many experienced people say that students who take the test for granted have a greater chance to fail.


However, this doesn’t always mean that students who are studying well are more likely to pass the exam. Sometimes, they fail one of the reasons is not following instructions. Now, if you want to be a successful test passer, you should follow the list of tips below:

  • Review your past lessons: This is not the actual lesson that you have tackled weeks ago, these are the topic that you learn from the past years. You need to analyze the technique on how you have passed the exam the other year. Try to refresh the methods that you have used in your past school years.


  • Be on time: This is a very important rule in taking an examination. Indeed, there are many advantages when you if you are on time. One is the chance of answering all the questions on the test paper and the other one is the chance to review it. Also, you have will answer the paper in a relax manner.
  • Keep your confidence to the highest level: If you think that you cannot answer all the questions. You don’t need to panic. Instead, relax a little. This is where your confidence is built. By simply relaxing, you are making your body and mind feel comfortable.


The Sudden Hike in Tobacco and Alcohol Products

You often hear your family warn you about the ill effects of drinking and smoking. You still continue despite the concern and the plead to stop. You also hear advertisements and advisories about the dire effects of drinking and smoking but you still ignore it. What can stop you from drinking and smoking?


Here in Singapore, sudden hike in tobacco and alcohol duties are noted. The hike was announced on February 21, 2014 during the Budget speech. According to the hike, there will be 25% price increase for alcohol and 10% price increase for tobacco. This is to discourage heavy drinkers and smokers. But for social drinkers and smokers, the hike in tobacco and alcohol duties will not change their habits immediately.

To know the reactions of Singaporeans, a straw poll was conducted on February 23, 2014. According to the poll, eighteen out of twenty drinkers and smokers below thirty said that the sudden hike will likely push them to stop or decrease their consumption of alcohol and tobacco products.

tdp (4)

The hike will put more burden to heavy drinkers and smokers. They will either cut back on their consumption or totally stop it for financial reasons. It will surely change the habits of drinkers and smokers. The hike is also an effective tool to curb the youths from picking the habit of drinking and smoking while it is early.

The chances of teens acquiring the drinking and smoking habit is very high but with the implementation of the hike in duties, it will be reduced. But there are experts who said that if the person is willing to smoke and drink, nothing can stop him/her even the government.



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