How to Enjoy a Movie at Home in 5 Easy Steps

While there’s nothing quite like watching a movie at a theater, you can also make your home viewing experience a lot more comfortable and a lot less stressful – you don’t need to wait, you can bring any food you want, and you even get to do it in your pajamas.

Here’s what you can do to enjoy movie night at home the right way:

1. Ask yourself if you want company or not

It’s your call to decide whether you want to watch a movie by yourself or with other people. Both choices have their own pros and cons that really depend on your preference, so be sure to mull over it for a moment or two before calling friends over.

2. Choose your movies in advance

The last thing you want is to take up more time choosing the movie you want to watch rather than actually watching the movie, so be sure to choose it in advance.

While it’s easy to pick a movie if you’re watching by yourself, it can be trickier to choose if you’re watching with other people, you might want to choose a genre that they’re more into. Your safest bets will usually fall under the adventure and comedy genres.

If you’re watching with kids, don’t forget to check the movie ratings! They’ll help you as a guide to provide age-appropriate content, though they shouldn’t be the only basis for the film/s you should watch.

3. Choose the best space

This doesn’t have to be a dedicated room just for watching movies. Whether it’s the living room or your own bedroom, it should be a place where you can watch the film without being disturbed.

To maximize your sense of privacy, add curtains or blinds that let you block light from outside your windows temporarily.

Turning off the lights in your living room or bedroom can also help to focus your attention and improve your overall immersive cinematic experience.

4. Set up your viewing system

Your “home theater system” need not be sophisticated, but it does need to be able to display your movie. Computers and tablets are widely popular devices along with flat screen televisions, with the former being much easier to set up.

5. Pick the refreshments you want

Having to stand up in the middle of the movie to get your refreshments can be annoying even if you pause it, so avoid this by choosing the food and drinks of your choice before queuing up the films you want to watch.

Be sure to choose finger foods when you do this, since they allow you to eat without having to look away from the screen.

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