5 Amazing Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

Perhaps you already know the many uses of rubbing alcohol. Aside from helping you clean your wounds, rubbing alcohol also works as an excellent cleanser for tough stains. However, this liquid offers other amazing benefits that you probably didn’t know about – and some of those surprising benefits are as follows:

1. Deodorant Replacement

Next time you forget to pack your deodorant for your weekend getaway, simply use a rubbing alcohol as a replacement for it. Alcohol aids in reducing body odour by killing the odour-causing bacteria found in your armpits. Just make sure that you don’t fully replace your deodorant with it, as long term use of alcohol could cause some serious skin issues.

2. Bed Bug Spray

Got a bed bug problem at home? Then rubbing alcohol is the solution to that. While these parasites can be quite tough to get rid of, simply spraying a generous amount of alcohol on your pillows and mattress is already enough to slowly eradicate them. Just ensure that you do this regularly so the pesky bed bugs won’t ever come back.

3. Cold Sore Treatment

About 85 percent of our population carry herpes virus, but only a small percentage of us present its symptoms. So if you do ever develop cold sores, simply get 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and dab it onto the affected areas. Doing so will definitely help in making the herpes sores go away faster.

4. Head Lice Remedy

Just with bed bugs, lice is another type of parasite that’s incredibly gross and difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, applying some rubbing alcohol will already do the trick. All you’ve got to do is mix a good amount of alcohol with some lavender oil, then generously spray it all over hair or until the solution reaches your scalp. After that, gently comb your hair to remove all the dead lice.

5. Cooling Pad Alternative

Rubbing alcohol is known to have a low freezing point. When placed in the freezer for several hours, it basically turns into a thick, cold liquid, making it an excellent alternative for cooling pads. To create your homemade cooling pad, simply mix one part of alcohol and two parts of water into a baggie. Leave it in the freezer for several hours, and you can now use it as a cold pack for your sprains or to keep the food in your cooler cold.

Rubbing alcohol does more than just disinfecting your wounds. So get the most out of favourite alcohol brand by trying out any of these practical, but amazing uses of rubbing alcohol.

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