Adolescence –The Period of Confusion

Adolescence is a battle between identity and role confusion. In this stage, an individual is said to be confused about what is happening around them. This is the start where they explore and discover what are their strengths and weaknesses. The only problem here is that they have explored the wrong ability that they have.

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The Experimental/Trouble Years

What’s bad about discovering things? One, you can discover things that is not suitable for an adolescent age (12-19 years old). For example, you have seen an unidentified compact disk without knowing that it is contains pornographic elements that are not good for an adolescent. However, there is a need to see it so that teenagers will not get confused about his role as an individual.

Committed Relationship with Others


Age 12 is the start of making things by yourself, you have to be independent but not to the point that you will start working. You become independent in this stage wherein you have to build trust to anyone that you feel trustworthy. On the other hand, there are still endings about a relationship and taking is very serious is a big mistake.

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Effects in Later Years

Relationship in a teenage period is a manifestation of a person’s desire for company and not be left behind. If adolescents are left behind, or, conversely, forced into a relationship they did not choose, they develop a feeling of loneliness. Here, an individual may or may not have the chance to get back from his old attitude. But the only way to make it happen is to make him feel that he is not alone and is loved by many.

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