All About Singapore

Singapore is a very strict country especially when it talks about cleanliness. Familiar with Singapore’s chewing gum law? Yes! Singapore implemented that. This was implemented when people started to act badly. Thus, making the government come up with the law. Apart from having this hot law, Singapore is situated at about 85 miles near the equator that is why the temperature in the region is definitely hot especially during summer.


However, when it is rainy season, it will rain heavily. In the past years, Singapore reached 68F as its lowest temperature ever recorded. Singapore is a small country with more than 60 islands but despite its small size, it has 6-digit zip codes. Because Singapore is a highly urbanized country and is a financially stable country, citizens there are living in a public house provided by the government.


It doesn’t mean that if you are living in a public house, you’re poor. In Singapore, it’s not like that. Actually, they can even sell their houses worth 1 million US dollars. On the other hand, Singapore has this tradition of Caning. Caning is a punishment that is being practiced in the country.

You can be punish with caning if you have violated minor offenses like theft and vandalism. One American have been punished to be caned 5 times due to vandalism. Actually, it has been appealed by President Bill Clinton and it has been lessened only to 3 canes. When you are caned, you need to be awake; however, if you fainted after caning, they will stop it and will resume after you recover.



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