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7 tips for a hyped adult sleepover

If you’re in your 20s or even just barely past it, those sleepovers might be well out of the picture. Those stuff are for teens and in-betweens right? You’re way past those awkward, pucker-faced nights and pajamas just don’t work for you anymore.

But sometimes the heart wants what it wants. That teen in you screams for another round of those nights when you spend with the platonic love of your friends. Because as you pass that line between adult and teen, platonic is as rare as your before 5am waking time.

So here are a few tips to make your adult sleepovers one of the best in your history of sleepovers:

1. Prepare DIY desserts
What better way to start your stay-in night with a good dessert? All the experimenting and shuffling in the kitchen for ingredients you hope you have will surely make you reminisce all those earlier days with your friends. Nothing like a task to keep you busy, and actually have a reward of sweet sugary goodness right after. You’ll need a good kitchen with the right equipment for the baking, as well as a good stock of ingredients and a whole lot of patience. Since recipes are readily available online, resources aren’t an issue. So start choosing between brownies, crepe or waffles and get your mini cooking show started.

2. Drink up
If you and your mates are of age then there’s no stopping you from enjoying a night in with just the right amount of booze. Take your pick and a quick trip to the store will give you a good night of booze, friends and stories.

3. Dance parties
Since you’ve already had a drink or two, you might want to turn up the volume and just lose yourself in a good song. You may want to choose the era and hype up those moves. Nothing like a good dance with your mates to shake off the week’s stress at work. If you have the facilities for this, the better. An xbox session with your friends could surely bring in a flood of nostalgia from when you just did this on the streets or in the hallways after school.

4. Mini spa session
There’s just something appealing with a little pampering time with your girls. Whether it’s a complex procedure like a footspa or just as simple as a moisturizing mask, you and your girls could surely use a little freshening up despite the late hour. Matching mani pedis could also do well for your incoming week.

5. Build a fort
Who says pillow and blanket forts should stay in our past? Our children might thank us for our skills in the near future. Keep the atmosphere cozy with a fort that’s sure to keep you warm throughout the night. If and when you actually decide to sleep.

6. Movies
This is a must in any sleepover. Keep those movies well-stacked and well-arranged because your friends might need a specific genre any night. Sleepovers are meant for binge watching, so make sure those tissues and snacks are well stocked too. From chic flicks to drama to action to horror, there’s nothing a relaxing night in front of a movie can’t fix.

7. Games
There’s something vulnerable as the night drones on, and what better way to catch up with all the goings-on with you and your friends’ lives than to play a game for it. Hang on, this is the part where it gets real. Your sleepover might just be the glue to keep you and your mates for another decade or so together.

Playing Tetris Has Benefits  


Our parents often say that we are just wasting our precious time sitting and playing games. They say that if we only allot our time doing significant activities, our lives will improve. They are true but not when they tell this and we are playing tetris, we can confidently say that it has benefits.


There is a study published in Addictive Behaviours that claim playing tetris can cease food cravings. The psychologists conducted a study involving 31 participants from 18 to 27 years old. These participants revealed their cravings for food, drugs, drink and other activities. They also revealed how strong their cravings were. Of the participants, 15 were asked to play tetris for at least three minutes in between cravings.

According to Jackie Andrade, one of the researchers, tetris reduced the craving from 70% to 56%. We might wonder why this is the case. As it turned out, craving happens when we imagine consuming it. It is difficult to imagine consuming something and play tetris at the same time.


The result astonished the researchers and said that it can be used to reduce others cravings. The study proved that cognitive interference can be effectively used to reduce the cravings for other activities and substances like alcoholic drinks and drugs.

Many Singaporeans are playing tetris not knowing its benefits. If all Singaporeans know its benefits and effects, tetris will be integrated in our lives that it becomes a daily habit. It does not matter as long as it can help us with our cravings. For those who haven’t downloaded tetris yet, it is time that we try it for ourselves.


Introducing the Camper Tricycle  


Camping is one way to relax and be in touch with nature. There are many trails here in Singapore that we can consider but not all Singaporeans consider camping because of the inconvenience and discomfort it entails. If we think only this, we will never realize the beauty of camping and gazing at the stars.


Camper vans are famous for camping families. The vans are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, comfort room and some beds for the comfort of the whole family. Camper vans are bulky though. However, for solo campers out there, there is a concept that will surely excite us.

Although this is just a concept, there is a possibility of mass production should the designers pursue it. The concept is to squeeze everything unto a tricycle. This is for sol campers. The camper tricycle is called The Bufalino. The Bufalino offers ultimate experience for solo campers who can hit the road anytime.

The Bufalino features:camperbike1

  • Storage: The tricycle offers storages that can organize the camper’s things from clothing to beddings. Though the storages are small, it can make a difference.
  • Sleeping area: The camper tricycle can only accommodate one camper. Squeezing the next camper can be too difficult.
  • Micro office: Forget about work while camping but there will come a time that we need to check something. Alas, The Bufalino offers a micro office – enough to place a laptop and lampshade.
  • Sink and stove: It does not end there because the tricycle also features sink and stove. This will make cooking more easy and hassle-free.

The concept was from an industrial design student named Cornelius Comanns. Many commended the practicality and the rendering of the camper tricycle. Let us see what happens next. This is truly a modern-day camping.


5 Fun and Exciting Things to Do With Your BFF


Adventures are made extra special with best friends, especially if you’re up for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If you want to level up the bonding moments and experience new things together, here are some fun suggestions that’ll make your friendship stronger.

  1. Conquer Your Fears

Enjoy the upcoming summer season by conquering your fears together. She may be afraid of heights, while you may despise spicy food. Help your bestie conquer her fear by challenging her to go cliff diving or zip line adventure. Let her prepare chilli crabs for you or dine out somewhere and enjoy hot and spicy dishes together. Facing your fears will be fun and much easier when you have each other’s back.

  1. Have an Unplanned Trip

Skip the planning process and just say yes to instant travels. Grab the next flight or hop on the next bus. The experience is totally wild and unexpected, but you know you’re with the right company to do something that’s totally off the bat.


  1. Have a Cook Off Challenge

If you have nowhere else to go or just prefer to stay indoors, show off your cooking skills by having a cook off challenge. Prepare a dish for each other and see who cooks best. If your cooking skills are just unfortunate, ditch it and call for delivery instead. At least you can both say you tried.

  1. Dine in a New Restaurant

Whether it’s the new Mongolian restaurant in the city or that new hawker stall on the next street, give it a shot. You could also go try foods together that you have never tried before. This is one adventure that you don’t have to go too far away. It could break diets, but it will surely be fun and memorable for the both of you.

  1. Get a Bit Crazy

Colour your hair in bright-coloured dye or go get a tattoo. A bit of wild won’t hurt and guarantee to make memories that will last forever. Remember that crazy nights and experiences are best shared with friends.

Doing new things together with your best friend nurtures your friendship. Aside from gaining new adventures and experiences, doing fun things with your BFF makes life more exciting and memorable.


Advantages of Riding a Bus in Singapore

Bus is one of the major mode of public transportation in the country. It is very important to all citizen’s here because if buses are not around, it would be very difficult for many Singaporeans to commute around the country. Not all people in the country have their own cars even if you say that the country is among the richest nation in Southeast Asia.


No Upfront Cost

Basically, there are Singaporeans who choose to ride a bus rather than buy their own car. This is because when they buy a car, they believe that it is more costly because then they would have to spend for its maintenance, as well as the gasoline.

Less Regular Cost

Riding a bus maybe a little bit tiring. However, you can see the advantages of it when it comes to expenses. Actually, you can save more when you ride a bus. If you compare it to riding on your own car, you will spend more on its monthly maintenance and gasoline.


Meet New People

Moreover, bus riding can be fun, especially when you meet different types of people. You may encounter strict passengers when you ride at it; you may have the chance to gain friends and you also meet so many people which can help you whenever you are in need. Of you are a solid commuter of a bus, you will be more likely to have discount.

Also, there are bus companies that give free ride to all its customers and it would be very beneficial.


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