Coping with the Stealing Addiction

There are people who suffer an undesirable disorder – Kleptomania. If you have this disorder, the urge to steal things prevails. The stolen stuffs can be hoarded or simply discarded after the act. Regardless, this is not a good disorder. You may think that this not serious but you should be reminded that it can taint your reputation if you are caught. It is important that while it is early, you control your urges.


Controlling your urges to steal is not that easy. It needs your discipline and self control but if you are successful, it means freedom from the reins of this undesirable disorder. You do not wish to be like this but the urge is too powerful for you, right? No matter how strong it is, you need to stop it right away. Here’s how:

Learn about your disorder

You need to learn about your disorder. Reading about your disorder can help you understand yourself better. You can read a book about it or better yet, scan the internet for more information. It helps if you a lot about what you are going through so you will know how to proceed.

Seek help

Other Kleptomaniacs think that they do not deserve help because they feel guilty. It is crucial that you share your burden so you can be free. The first thing that you need to do is look for a psychiatrist or psychologist. Counselling can make a difference.


Write it down

Writing therapy can be the first step of your improvement. You have to spend time so you can write your stealing history. In your paper, you should include your feelings every time you steal something, stealing episodes and many things.


It is during your silent moments when you see the whole picture. Take time to reflect on your disorder so you will understand yourself more. If you reflect more, you will uncover the things that compel you to steal. It is important that you do not feel powerless in the face of Kleptomania.


Distracting yourself is classic but it will never fail you. When you feel an urge or impulse, you should think or do other things. You need to consider things that will make you busy. For example, you can engage in physical activities like exercising. You can also engage in sports and many more.

It is important that you tell your family and friends about your disorder so they can help you. It is hard to admit it but if you are surrounded with supportive and positive people, they will accept you and try their best to help you overcome your disorder.

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