How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Deciding is not an easy task especially if there are a lot of things you need to consider. Your decisions will always have an implication and it can also affect someone directly or indirectly. With that, it is crucial that you know how to weigh things especially here in Singapore where things happen so fast that you have no time to spare for thinking. Unfortunately, not all people here in Singapore are blessed with the skills of making good decisions.


If you lack the skills to make good decisions, you can refer to the tips provided below. It can help you improve your decision making skills. Here are some tips worth mentioning:

  • Think of opportunity cost: Opportunity cost is taught in school. For sure you have an idea what it means or stands. You should look for an alternative that will yield greater returns. For example, if you are thinking about shopping, your only option would be to buy it or not when in fact there are other options like saving it up for a vacation. Whenever you decide, you have to consider the thing that you can derive more returns or satisfaction.
  • Multitrack: They say that more heads are better than one. That is true when you are making a decision. If you manage a company and you need to decide on something, delegate the task to many groups because more options mean more solutions.



  • Look outside of the box: Conventional decisions are sometimes unsuccessful. There are times that unconventional ideas are successful because they are infused with fresh and extraordinary ideas. When making a decision, it is helpful to look outside of the box.
  • Honour priorities: If you have troubles making a decision, it is advisable to honour your priorities. Before thinking of solutions, you have to think first of what you are hoping to gain. This will become your priorities. Let your priorities be your guide.
  • Think of the future: It was mentioned a while ago that decisions will always have an implication. With that being said, it is significant that you plan for various outcomes.

It is natural to be confused when you are faced with something but if you improved your decision making skills, things will be lighter. Perhaps the key here is to get the support of your family, friends and loved ones. Sometimes, you need the ideas of other people and incorporate it in yours to make it work. Value the ideas of the people around you because it can make a difference at the end of the day.


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