The Common Mistakes of Tarot Reading in Singapore

Tarot cards may help you if you have problems or perhaps you want to know what is in yourself or maybe you can ask yourself on what will be your future. However, it is not that simple. You can answer your questions by yourself with the use of Tarot cards but the question is, “will it be fair and definite?”


In reality, reading the cards by yourself is not easy as A-B-C. Tarot reading is a complex process and even expert readers may get an imprecise reading of the deck. This usually happens when:

  • Reading the cards during an emotional period: When you are at an emotional state, Tarot reading is not applicable because sometimes the results may dismay you. If something happened that makes you feel bad, avoid reading Tarot card. Just wait until that emotional pain disappear.
  • Getting an additional card: Sometimes, Tarot readers use an extra card to “clarify” their initial reading. However, if this is not done correctly, it may only lead to a more mystifying reading.

tarot reading at eddie and maggie's wedding

  • Reading multiple cards over and over again: Tarot readers tend to go back reading the cards with the same topic. If it cannot be prevented, give yourself a break for at least 1 month or when something has changed.
  • Reading all meaning of the cards: There are a lot of meaning for each Tarot card. Reading all the meaning of the cards will increase the possibility of choosing what explanation you want. As a result, it will make the interpretation unbelievable.

Keeping a calm and an open mind is the most difficult part in reading the card by yourself.


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