The Sudden Hike in Tobacco and Alcohol Products

You often hear your family warn you about the ill effects of drinking and smoking. You still continue despite the concern and the plead to stop. You also hear advertisements and advisories about the dire effects of drinking and smoking but you still ignore it. What can stop you from drinking and smoking?


Here in Singapore, sudden hike in tobacco and alcohol duties are noted. The hike was announced on February 21, 2014 during the Budget speech. According to the hike, there will be 25% price increase for alcohol and 10% price increase for tobacco. This is to discourage heavy drinkers and smokers. But for social drinkers and smokers, the hike in tobacco and alcohol duties will not change their habits immediately.

To know the reactions of Singaporeans, a straw poll was conducted on February 23, 2014. According to the poll, eighteen out of twenty drinkers and smokers below thirty said that the sudden hike will likely push them to stop or decrease their consumption of alcohol and tobacco products.

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The hike will put more burden to heavy drinkers and smokers. They will either cut back on their consumption or totally stop it for financial reasons. It will surely change the habits of drinkers and smokers. The hike is also an effective tool to curb the youths from picking the habit of drinking and smoking while it is early.

The chances of teens acquiring the drinking and smoking habit is very high but with the implementation of the hike in duties, it will be reduced. But there are experts who said that if the person is willing to smoke and drink, nothing can stop him/her even the government.



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