Things to Put in Your Newborn’s Crib


As a mother, there is nothing more important in this world than keeping the baby healthy and safe. For nine months, you carried him and now that he is out, you are even more protective of him. It is important to stay vigilant to make sure that he is well taken care of.


Before his coming, you probably secured his crib, pillows and toys. There are many selections of cribs here in Singapore but if you want to ensure his safety and comfort, you have to research. You have to determine which cribs work and which do not. The key here is to take it simply. Keeping it bare as much as possible can make a difference at the end of the day.

What do newborn babies only need? There are only two and you should not stray away from that.

Swaddling blankets

This is an old technique to soothe and calm babies. It envelops a baby which can help him sleep better. Swaddling blankets are helpful because it can prevent the baby from startling because of random movements. The good news is that swaddles are readily available. When choosing swaddling blankets, always consider the weather. Ideal blankets include breathable and lightweight cotton.


Now comes the washing of the blankets. Newborns have sensitive skin therefore careful washing should be considered. When washing the blankets, the first thing that you have to ensure is the laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. Make sure that they are dermatologically tested.

Comfortable mattress

Now that he is cosy and warm, it is time that you choose a comfortable mattress. Remember newborns can’t say whether they are comfortable or not, you will just know if they cry. It is crucial that you choose a comfortable mattress because he will spend most of his time sleeping. He will spend most of his time in the mattress and keeping it comfortable can help his growth and development.

When choosing a mattress, you have to make sure that it can support your baby’s weight. You have to look for thick mattress with puncture-resistant cover.  It should be secured with organic cotton. If you are worried about being too hard, you can maximize a washable and tight fitting mattress.

Remember that your newborn doesn’t need much and keeping it simple is the key. Let him sleep peacefully without the presence of irrelevant things like stuffed toys, pillows and crib bumpers. Let him have all these things when he is a little bit older. As of now, he just needs all the sleep that he can get.       my-baby-sam-pixie-baby-in-aqua-3-piece-crib-bedding-set-p15502255

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