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Where to Take Your Girlfriend in SG

It is time to show your girlfriend how much you love her. Taking her to a romantic dinner date may be a simple gesture to you but for your girlfriend, it means the whole world. Don’t deprive your girlfriend of a romantic date. Plan it and make it happen. You can begin by considering the following restaurants:



Desire is located in Erskine Road. If you are in the mood for some intimacy, Desire is the best place. The setting is in itself a tease. They offer menus that will surely provoke you and your girlfriend. The price ranges from S$18 to S$32. They are open from Monday-Friday (12noon to 3pm and 7pm to 10:30pm) and Saturday-Sunday (12noon to 3pm and 7pm to 11pm). For reservations, you can call (+65) 6511-3323.

The Cliff

If you want to give your girlfriend a grand romantic date, the Cliff is perfect. The Cliff is located in Sentosa Resort & Spa. Prepared to be awed by its overlooking sight of Singapore at night and hear the gentle waves of the South China Sea. They serve seafood and other international cuisines. The price ranges from S$40 to S$80. They are open daily from 6:30pm to 12pm. For reservations, you can call (+65) 6371-1425 or 6275-0331.


Flute is located in Lewin Ter. You will appreciate Flute when you see a black and white bungalow structure. It is within city limits but when you enter this place, you will be surprised how calm and quiet it is. They serve Australian dishes. The price ranges from S$30 to S$50. They are open every Monday to Thursday (12noon to 2pm and 6:30pm to 10pm) and Friday to Saturday (12noon to 2pm and 6:30pm to 10:30pm). For reservations, you can call (+65) 63338-8770.

Your girlfriend will surely feel your love and she will love you more. When you have time, both of you should go on romantic dates or travels.

Social Star Awards: The Oscars of Social Media

If modern cinema has the Academy Awards, online social media has the Social Star Awards. Expected to be a spectacular show, this awards night will give recognition to the biggest players and movers in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, bestowing a total of 288 awards on a wide range of categories.


Award Origins

This event is organized by Starcount, a media company based in Singapore that tracks the hottest trends in popular social media sites. Following the posts, tweets and other activities of over 1.7 billion Internet users, Starcount aims to honor the biggest names and brands in the sphere of social media.

Event Line Up

The Social Start Awards gala – will be held at the Marina Bay Sands on May 23. The ceremony will run for 24 hours and can be streamed live on YouTube. This even will be followed by the 2-day Singapore Social Concerts to be held at the Meadows, Gardens by the Bay.

Who’s Expected

Befitting the grandness of the occasion, the awards show will feature performances from some of the most popular acts today: the all-Asian girl group Blush, American rock band Aerosmith, pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen, The Voice judge and soul artist CeeLo Green, and the biggest Internet sensation last year Korean pop artist Psy. Other expected attendees include DJ Seb Fontaine, rapper SkyBlue and actor George Takei.

Partner Companies

Social Star Awards 2012 is held in partnership with YouTube, YourSingapore, Portal A and Google. Starcount’s official media partners in Singapore are The Straits Times for print and HOTFM 91.3 and KISS 92FM for radio. Tickets prices start at S$150 and are available in Starcount’s official website.

Where to Take Your Boyfriend in SG

Relationships should be kindled. If you are hesitant to invite your boyfriend for a romantic dinner, shove it off and ask him anyway. He will surely appreciate the effort. There are many romantic restaurants in Singapore. You just need to find the perfect one. You can start with this list:

happy couple at restaurant table toasting

Le Pont de Vie

If you want to dine in a French restaurant with good food, wine and view, Le Pont de Vie is the perfect place for you and your boyfriend. It is located in Kandahar Street. The price ranges from S$26 to S$39. They are open daily (except Sundays and Public Holidays) from 12noon to 2pm and 6:30pm to 10pm. For reservations, you may call (+65) 6238-8682.

Au Jardin

If you want a luscious dining experience, it is best to choose Au Jardin. You will enjoy the food and the gardens. The setting is colonial which will give you a great ambiance. It will be a surreal romantic adventure with your boyfriend. It is located in EJH Corner House, Botanic Gardens. The price ranges from S$45 to S$200. They are open daily from 7pm to 9:30pm. For reservations, you may call (+63) 6466-8812.

IL Lido

If you want to dine in a fancy Italian restaurant, you should go to IL Lido. This restaurant is very conducive for romantic dates because of its excellent food plus a great view of the South China Sea. It is located in Sentosa Golf Club. The price ranges from S$28 to S$55. They are open daily from 11:30am to 2:30pm and 6:30pm to 11pm. For reservations, you may call (+63) 6866-1977.

Choosing a romantic restaurant can make a big difference. Have a good time!

Importance of Wedding Planning for Brides

The biggest mistake people often make in a wedding is not underestimating or overestimating the value of good and perfect wedding planning. In most cases, marriage is a once in a lifetime event that every groom and bride loves to be a special and memorable event for all those invited and present. Given the importance of the day, every bride and groom desires that everything goes off smoothly and there are no hiccups during the event. In either case, not diligently researching on a wedding portal will probably result a poorly executed wedding.

Without wedding planning, it’s common for more than the estimated guests to arrive, and food and beverages fall short but if lesser number turns up, there is quite a bit of wastage of food items – all of which can be avoided with the guidance of a professional wedding portal. In Singapore, this is where perfect wedding brides start their wedding planning at an early stage helps immensely as sending invitations early and receiving confirmations allows one to get food prepared for just the right number of guests.

In the case of the bride, wedding planning means also making sure that she appears as beautiful as she can be and that her dress on the most important day of their lives means the most to them. This may appear trivial to men but ask a girl and she will tell you how nervous girls are as their big day approaches and they find that their dress is still not ready at the tailor’s boutique. With the help and advice of other brides, there will be no hiccups and the wedding gown is ready in time and that too fitting perfectly. Making arrangements in wedding planning is a herculean task that is best given only to an experienced wedding forum or portal as it requires delegation of responsibilities to others in all areas.

This ensures work gets done in time and the quality of work also does not suffer. For families in Singapore, this entails dividing responsibilities among friends and relatives but continuing supervision so that there is no compromise with quality and there is no wastage of money. The wedding planner assigns tasks and delegate responsibilities. One golden rule of wedding planning is to always keep the overall budget in front. This ensures that one never goes over budget and stays within limits if the expenditure under various subheadings is clearly spelt out.

Exceeding a bit under a single head is permissible if you can manage under another subhead but disbursing money to those who have been assigned tasks and asking reports frequently on money spent is a good idea to keep expenditure under tab. Your wedding planner will also help you make a checklist of all items and services and tick off those that have been completed to avoid any confusion. In the end, it is suffice to say that wedding planning in Singapore ensures successful execution of all events during the marriage ceremony. One also gets the advantage of savings by planning in advance.

Getting More Singapore News about Travel

There are a number of people that need more Singapore news on travel. This may be a number of different types of information. If you need more information then you need to be sure that you are getting the correct information that is going to help you. If you get the wrong information then it will not help you like you need it to. There are many places and ways to get the information that you need.
There are many ways to get the information you need. One of the best ways to get the information that you need is to research on the internet. This is because there are a number of different websites that can give you the information that you need and want. If the internet does not give you all the information that you need then you may think about taking to a travel agent. If you are planning to travel to Singapore then you will want to be sure that you are talking to a travel agent that has the information that you want and need. There are some agents that have expertise in certain areas of the world and this can be very beneficial.

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